Monday 24 March

Fun times with Krista running a huge CrossFit class at the Wanderlust festival yesterday...
Fun times with Krista running a huge CrossFit class at the Wanderlust festival yesterday...

Write your score up on the whiteboard!!  Yes,  even if it sucks.....
You might not think we notice, but we do.  If your workout doesn't go so well, then it almost always seems to correlate with a blank space next to your name after you've gone home...

Funnily enough (call it NZ tall poppy syndrome or something....) but if you've had a GREAT workout, we often see the exact same whiteboard wasteland beside your names too!!

The reason your name is on the board is for attendance.  Without that info, the coaches will either be chasing you up for no reason, or mistakenly overlooking your amazing run of consistency.

The reason your score goes up, is so that together we can identify and help you work through weaknesses, achieve goals and set new ones.  Yes we rarely do the same metcons twice, but those strength numbers are crucial to making consistent and long term progress.

What the metcon scores ARE great for is as a carrot.  You Dawn Demons serve a special function to drive those Night Owls on in pursuit of your times..  So make sure there is something up there for them to chase!

After the Open is finished, we'll be spending a week testing various barbell lifts, gymnastic skills and metcons in our PR Week, and then embarking on some new and improved programming.   However, it will demand more attention is paid to the whiteboard.  If you want to make the best possible progress, you NEED to know what you did from one week to the next.

At the least, don't forget to write your scores up.   At the most, you could get your own journal and keep even better track of things.  Looking forward to keeping an eye on the awesomeness.....



Split Jerks

5 x 1, building from 80%


200m Run

6 Thrusters 45/30kg

6 Bar facing burpees

AMRAP in 20mins



5 x 5, increasing weight


200m Run

10 DB Snatch

5 Burpees

AMRAP in 12mins

Rest 5mins

Russian Swings

AMRAP in 3mins

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