Monday 10 March

Te Aopare..

Te Aopare..

Big thanks to everyone who came by on Saturday to celebrate our first birthday!  Here's to year two!

Mad Skillz yo...
As you guys would've noticed/experienced we're throwing regular skill work into every breaking-bad-jessie-i-got-mad-skills-yo-t-shirt-2503-p[ekm]374x449[ekm]session. This is usually in the form of on the minute work for 1-2 bodyweight exercises, such as chest to bar pullups, handstand pushups and toes to bar. Now we always give progressions and bit of an explanation on how to approach these pieces in class but some people still aren't quite sure where to start, and that's cool.

My advice is to first start with the strict (non kipping) version of the movement, even if it's a scaled down variation.
This will accomplish a number of things:
1.) It will start to build strength throughout that movement you're doing.
2.) As you become stronger in the movement then your confidence with it will increase as well.

The strength you build with this exercise is a skill which needs to be practiced like anything else and practicing a strict movement while staying fresh is what will build it. Staying fresh is the key though and one of the reasons why we use the on the minute format. It allows as you stay relatively un-fatigued while still getting in some good volume for the movement.

Your brain and body remembers the movements you do, be it good or bad though. So if you continuously practice bad positions and movements, that's what you will get used to and it'll be harder to correct later on.

The other important factor here is the rep scheme, it should be low reps (for you) and you shouldn't ever fail a rep due to fatigue.

Stick with the same variation of an exercise until you can confidently perform it for multiple reps, then move to the next level in the progression; remember where you're at so you don't waste time in class finding your level if we repeat exercises.

Practice doesn't make perfect, Perfect Practice makes Perfect.

- Coach Craig



A1. Pendlay Row

5 x 8

A2. Strict Ring Dips

5 x max perfect reps

Alternate between exercises.


In groups of 2-3;

100m Sled Drag (fast)

10 Burpees

5 rounds



A1. Deadhang Pullups

5 x 5

A2. Perfect Pushups

5 x 5-10

Alternate between exercises


In groups of 2;

200m Sandbag/Deadball Run

5 rounds


AMRAP Plank Partner Burpees in 5mins

- one person in a plank hold, the other does a burpee, then jumps/steps over partner.

- switch as often as needed to keep pace up.

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