Monday 10 February

Jimmy carried TWO HUNDRED + SIXTY KILOS on his back yesterday!!   One of the heaviest efforts at the course.

Jimmy carried TWO HUNDRED + SIXTY KILOS on his back yesterday!! One of the heaviest efforts at the course.

I was honoured to help coach on the Strongman seminar yesterday.  A great bunch of people there (your coaches Krista, Joe and Bjorn were there soaking up knowledge to share with you too), and an awesome representation from the ladies.  Rob Orlando (the Strongman expert for CrossFit HQ) said he had never seen such a strong group of women!

He will be at CFNZ tonight for a friendly social strongman workout or two.   If you are keen, please RSVP to the Facebook event HERE.  It's free, but we need to know how many peeps are coming.....

Now for the exact other end of the fitness spectrum......

M.A.P. stands for Maximum Aerobic Power and is a method of training your aerobic base by doing intervals of exercise at different percentages of your max sustainable output. By sustainable, think 'race pace' rather than all out sprint.  The purpose of this training is to train the aerobic (with oxygen) rather than anaerobic (without oxygen) system.

We are doing these workouts every Sunday now at CFNZ, and they are a great way to improve your 'base', to learn how to pace and strategise better to keep moving during metcons, and for those who like a lot of stimulation, we tend to do a LOT of different movements in the workout!  If you are new to CrossFit and are still getting your head around the idea of short, sharp efforts, this will seem more like what you are used to - longer, sweatier sessions, which still have their place, even though we're talking you out of too many of them.

Now how does that relate to RCF09?  Well first thing is that if you're on a full time membership, you are welcome to come out and utilise the Sunday class at CFNZ.  The cool thing is they work pretty great as a recovery workout too.  If you dial that race pace back to about 70-80%, it's perfect to get some blood flowing through tired muscles, fix the soreness and promote some healing.  So yes, to you 5 x a week zealots, this is a 6th class you can comfortably do, and more importantly, actually get permission from the coaches to do....


Back Squat

4 x 8 reps (non stop reps)


5 burpees

10 Wallballs

AMRAP in 12mins


Front Squat

4 x 8 reps


5 burpees


AMRAP in 5mins

Rest 2mins

AMRAP in 5mins

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