Member Spotlight – Chris Westhorpe

chris_wName: Chris Westhorpe
Occupation: IT Architect (Consultant)
Born in : Melbourne

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit? Take us back to your first workout... what was it, and how did it feel?
I started doing CrossFit at Central Wellington in March this year as way of shaking things up and not just doing the same thing at a gym. When I moved to Auckland I tried out a couple of different CrossFit gyms, but when I got to 09 it just felt right, the people were so friendly and encouraging. One of the things I really liked is that people were honest with where they were at, how many reps they did and how long they took to do it. First WOD at 09 had a lot of running, all I remember was multiple 400m lots and wall-balls........I hate wall balls (Editors note: I think that demands a rep of Burpee Positivity Chris....?).

What advice would you give yourself if you could talk to yourself at age 17?
You need to work at things to make them happen the way you want. Don't expect anything to come for free.

What wise words have been important to you in your life?
Never pass up any opportunity to challenge yourself.

Who are your heroes and role models?
I've never really had a traditional role model or hero, I find inspiration in the people around me though, everyone is good at something. For instance one of my work colleagues inspired me to participate in a Tough Mudder around 3 years ago when I was very overweight and couldn't run more than 200m without losing my breath.

How has CrossFit helped you athletically and for just general living?
I think one of the ways CrossFit really pushes me is to get better at the things I don't like doing (like wall balls......) and not just the things that I enjoy. In general living I think it has a big influence on what I eat and to get to the 6am class, it means I go to bed early :)

What do you do on a daily basis outside of the gym ?
Work. Lots of work.

Best part about being a member at RCF09 ?
The people and feeling like a belong to a community. All the people are awesome (but especially the 6am regulars and the coaches!).



AMRAP in 5mins



2 Deadball Shoulders

10 Sledge Hammer strikes

1 Prowler push

2 Axlebar Clean and Pushpress


50m DB Waiters Walk

100m Farmers Walk

50m Sandbag Walk

100m Sled Drag

3 rounds

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