CrossFit for Kids and Teens!!

What will your child get out of our program?

We will be teaching your child about movement, body mechanics and begin to ingrain motor patterns which will help to keep them safe no matter what activity they choose to do outside of the gym.

They will become fitter, stronger, more coordinated, have better balance

CrossFit for Kids and Teens is not just a scaled down version of CrossFit for Adults, our younger population have very different needs and this program embraces that.

Learning how to move to prevent injuries, to get stronger and more agile, to increase balance and coordination.  This is the single program to teach your children the real skills to 'Be More Awesome at Life'.

It is the perfect program to support any sporting venture, or to use as their main form of exercise and believe it or not it even improves their academic abilities! HERE is a great article on the subject.



Kids (ages 5-11): Tuesday and Thursday @ 3.45pm

Teens (ages 11-18) Tuesday, Thursday and Friday @ 4.30pm

Our Kids Classes are 45 minutes in length, Teens 50mins.

Term One 2017 kicks off February 7th! Bookings essential!

Please note our CrossFit Kids and Teens love the classes and we would like to keep it that way! This is not a baby sitting service, nor something to force on your kids.  Your child has the opportunity to come and try a class out with no obligation, to see if this is something they would love as much as we do, and thus keep the atmosphere motivating, supportive and FUN.


Term Fees

Reebok CrossFit 09 Adult Members: Kids and Teen Prices (per term):

1 class per term $110

2 classes per week $190

Unlimited (3x per week, Teens ONLY) $300

Non members: Kids and Teen Prices (per term):

1 class per week $135

2 classes per week $250

Unlimited (3x per week, Teens ONLY) $340

For further information and to RSVP your place please email Krista,