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sam_w_deadHow's this heat?!!?  Ha, I know we pale in comparison to our neighbours over in West Zealand, but it still gets hot enough here to bring on enough sweat to blind a hard working CrossFitter..... and of course the native habitat of said CrossFitter tends to be a corrugated iron warehouse, pushing up the temperature even further....

So make sure you are managing your hydration levels. You don't have to go crazy and drink 5L a day, there is a lot of research to suggest that many of us take hydration too far....  but you do need to be drinking  regularly.

nuunIf you fail then get some water in you!  It can help to add some electrolytes to help things along somewhat.  I'm a big fan of Nuun electrolyte tablets - no sugar, taste good, just pop one in your water bottle and good to go.

Many people trumpet the electrolyte properties of coconut water, man what DOESN'T the humble coconut do eh?!   It's not perfect, the electrolyte balance is a bit heavy on the potassium, but this is a great option after a particularly gnarly workout that depletes a few carbs (as coco water contains some).

For a triple whammy, try my patented (not really.....) custom post wod hydration blend.

- 500ml of coconut water

- one Nuun tablet ( I like the lemon/lime, and it improves the electrolyte profile)

- 5-10g of Branch Chain Amino Acids (to stimulate muscle protein growth and repair)


Of course, you'll do well just to drink your water, make sure you get some salt on your food (no it's not bad for healthy people.....) and make sure that food is nice and varied to ensure you get the minerals you need for healthy muscle contraction.

Something else I've been noticing.  Due to the fact we've had to use powdered chalk over the last month, it seems to be drying out peoples hands, compared to the block chalk, so it might be wise to ease up on the use if your hands feel ready to pop.........



  1. 3-5 Hang Power Snatch

  2. 7-12 OH Situps

  3. 50m KB rack walk

Alternate minutes x 15mins


7 Wallball

7 DB Snatch

7 Box Jumps

AMRAP in 2mins

Rest 2mins

4 sets




Start at 60% and add 5% E 2 mins for 14mins


In 2mins;

20 Push jerks 45/30kg

Max reps Box Jumps

Rest 2mins

In 2mins;

16 Pushjerks 60/40kg

Max reps Wallballs

Rest 2mins

In 2mins;

12 Push Jerk  70/45kg

Max reps Pistols

Rest 2mins

In 2mins;

Max reps Pushjerks 80/50kg

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