Keep it simple

taraA bit of a follow on from yesterdays post.

Keep your nutrition simple.

Protein - aim to get a moderate amount at each meal.
Food quality - eat the best you can afford. Seasonal, free range, fresh.
Hydration - this is one I've been focusing on lately. You don't need to drink gallons, but a reasonable and regular intake of water is important, especially as we get into summer. You tech heads could try an app like Hydro to remind you regularly and give you a goal to aim for.

Emotions - they play a big role in nutrition. Do you eat the wrong foods when you're stressed, tired, angry, sad? Being aware of it, means you can set up contingency plans - make sure you have better foods in the house, avoid driving past stores that tempt you etc.

Take care of the basics before getting fancy - carbohydrate percentages, intermittent fasting, supplements etc, all that sort of stuff is for later. Much later, keep it simple, enjoy your food, and live well.


2 Pushpress + 1 Pushjerk

5 sets

Alternate with 5 Heavy Renegade Rows


50m Sled Drag 40/30kg,10 Burpee Box Overs 60/50cm, 30 Dubs Max reps Power Clean 60/40kg

2min on:2min off x 5


Pushjerk + Split Jerk

EM x 10 @ 75-85%


3 Power Cleans

3 Front Squats

3 Jerks

AMRAP in 10min 80/50kg

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