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We have a few words from our Regionals competitor, Joelene Neville today.  She's got the run down on her experience in Wollongong.

So where do I start :) I firstly want to thank everyone that helped get me get there. Without all of my family at 09, my friends and family, work colleges and my sponsors Industrial Athletic and Nuzest I wouldn't have been able to compete.

To my two amazing coaches Krista and Daz, thank you so much for all of your hard work!! Krista I seriously can not thank you enough for taking me under your wing!!! (yes I'm getting a lil teary writing this)  I'm so dam lucky to have you and Daz as coaches!!!! :)

At the end of August last year I tore 2 ligaments in my elbow (severe grade 2's, both of them), I couldn't use that arm properly for almost 20 weeks, should of had surgery, but refused, I'm stubborn......
It was a hard 6months of training, it didn't feel like I was going to come right in time, but I ended up qualifying after the Open in 38th place!

The top 48 girls in Australasia then got invited to go compete at the Australasia Regionals in Wollongong :) Krista was the first person to put her hand up to go as my coach :)
The 7 gruelling workouts got released 2 weeks before we went over and they were definitely not in my favour, lots of gymnastics!!! Last year when I qualified I was very new to CrossFit, no experience, no strategy but the workouts were heavy and suited me better, this year I was more experienced, had strategy but the workouts did NOT suit me!

Day 1 arrived and I PR'd my Hang Snatch 59kg, even after missing the first lift, so off to a great start.

However Event 2 was handstand walking for distance (a big weakness for me, but for 2 weeks straight I practiced and ended up getting 4 meters, not huge compared to some, but still another PR!!! I wouldn't have practiced that much handstand walking if they had not put that in so that was a good thing!! Event 3 went well for me also

Day 2 arrived, Event 4 and my goal was to get to the set of 9s in the strict handstand workout which I achieved! Event 5 - the legless rope climbs - I totally surprised myself, my goal was to get to 7 rounds out of 10 and I got to the 10th one and almost finished it, even with a couple of no reps, which cost a huge amount of time in this event.  This ended up being my best placing, 23rd :)

Day 3 arrived Event 6 the "Long chipper" I would have loved to have got a lil further than what I got in this one :) Last event, Event 7 was the 6 minute workout, super pleased how well I did in this event as I think I was about 40 seconds slower in training with the pullups, but still ended up getting 5 Overhead squats out, plus a couple no reps, so it was another best performance for me.

I learnt so much while I was over there, mobility and gymnastics are now going to be my best friends for the next year :) Loved the atmosphere, its a totally different story when you are out on the floor with 11 other girls and thousands of people are watching!!!The support you get or give when you are still going or someone else is going in a workout is amazing :) That is why CrossFit is known as a community sport :)

Can not wait for next year, Regionals 2015 I'm coming at you :) Thanks again to all that have supported me, I truly appreciate it .
Love Jojo x



Back Squat 3 x 8, build


Perform DB complex every minute, for 10 minutes

5 Deadlifts

5 Hang Power Cleans

5 Front Squats

5  Pushpress

Optional Finisher

2-3 x 100m heavy sled drag



Back Squat

6 x 4, heavy


20 Thrusters 60/40kg

20 cal row

20 KB Swings 32/24kg

20 Cal Row

20 Burpees

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