It’s not JUST Fitness….

photo (16)Coach Krista has a rant she needs to get off her chest!!!!

Coach "which WOD are you doing today?"

Athlete "Oh just Fitness...."
From this day forward anyone that says that they are doing 'just Fitness' has a 2 burpee positivity reward!
Why is our Fitness programming not 'just' fitness?
When you look around the room after a WOD, who are the people that are more often than not lying on the floor gasping? The people doing FITNESS!
Our Fitness programming is designed to be simple yet very effective,  there is usually very little excuse to need to REST... what is the issue with resting? It lowers the intensity... why does a 6min WOD get you so fit... because of the intensity!
Performance programming includes more complicated movements, and higher reps, which if your technique is lacking, means you will struggle with the movements and therefore your intensity will drop dramatically.
Complicated movements also require perfect form to ensure you steer clear of injuring yourself...  That doesn't mean we are OK with seeing you practise poor form on less complicated movements... (what do we always talk about? Virtuosity!!)...but if you are new to CrossFit, or the Performance workout contains a particular weakness of yours, then the Fitness workouts will allow you to work harder without worrying about your form.
We want you to get the most out of your hour with us.  We could have just one workout on the board and then require you to scale the movements back until you can achieve them safely and effectively... guess what the WODs would end up looking like sometimes?? Light, easy and boring.....
The FITNESS WODs enable a fun yet challenging workout, that ensures you are making the fastest possible progress, without being hindered by technique or strength issues.
Why are Fitness WODs mainly AMRAPs rather than for time? Because we want this to be the best part of your day, no one likes coming across the finish line last, you may be OK about it, but it definitely takes away a little of the enjoyment.  AMRAPs mean you can feel confident that even if you accidently bite off a little too much to chew,  everyone is working together and everyone will finish together!
And don't forget, you can scale UP Fitness workouts if there is a technical skill that day you are a ninja at, but the rest of the Performance workout is a little too much... Talk to your coach.  That is why they are there, to make your hour in the gym the most productive and happiest hour of your day :)

Now, which of our two well programmed, highly effective, goal oriented, customisable workouts are you going to do....?



Hang Power Clean + Power Clean + Jerk

5-7 sets, adding weight.



30 Power Clean and Jerks


30 DB Snatch for time

Optional Finisher

50m Farmers Walk w/ partner

6 rounds, alternating w/ partner



Hang Power Snatch + Power Snatch

Work up to a heavy 1.1.1



30 Power Snatches 60/40kg



30 Power Clean and Jerks 60/40kg

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