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It's been interesting to hear a bit of conversation around Thursdays workouts over the last couple of days.... I talk to many of you (often...) about dialling down the length of your workouts, and increasing the intensity, but there is still  a place for longer work.  Have a read of last weeks post if you haven't already.

The biggest bang for your buck is with higher intensity training, but longer aerobic state work has a few things to offer:

- capilliarisation of muscle.  This is particularly important if currently ADDING muscle in the off season.  Without a decent network of blood vessels running through it, there's a risk of all show and no go....

- production of endurance related enzymes.  Some people think CrossFit is a strength sport, but it's an endurance sport that uses strength based movements.

- improves recovery between sessions and develops the ability to tolerate a higher volume of training.

Now while this metcon might be 40mins, it's designed to be of low to medium intensity, in order for you to maintain great form and focus on movement.  If you hold this to a nice slow pace, it can be a great active recovery day, and you can expect to see more options like that for those of you working too hard (either in the gym or at life...)

There are still plenty of scaling options if any parts fill you with dread.

Start thinking about the playlist you'd like to push you through it....


100m Sled Drag

400m Run

30 Russian Swing

500m Row

10 Manmakers

100 Single Skips

AMRAP in 40mins


800m Run

10 KB Thrusters

500m Row

10 Strict TTB

50 Double unders

100m Deadball Walk

30 Russian Swings

AMRAP in 40mins

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