Handstands make you better at…..?

Fred getting inverted and more awesome at life...

Fred getting inverted and more awesome at life...

It often only takes something as simple as a handstand to put the worry up someone.

That's part of the reason why they are such effective exercises.  Forget about the bodyweight/gymnastics/relative strength required to hold a handstand, just getting up into that position might be terrifying enough for you.  Thus, the learning and the practicing required to achieve it, is going to help you in many more ways than just strength.  If you succeed at getting yourself inverted after some dedicated practice, maybe other things in life aren't going to look so difficult either....

Here's a couple of simple yet scary things I thought of, that would likely improve our lives if we tackled them.   And they're also things that might start to seem a little trivial, once you've learned to walk on your hands, climb a rope, lift your own body weight overhead, do a pullup, and complete a gruelling workout in record time.

1. Public speaking.

The speaking one is huge for human beings.  Many surveys have discovered it is hands down the scariest thing for people.  It was the worst part of high school for me as an awkward teenager, but if I hadn't gotten over it, I wouldn't have had a stint as a tv presenter, or be guest lecturing at AUT, that's for darn sure.  I probably wouldn't have this amazing gym and be surrounded by an amazing community either.  How did I get better at it?  I decided to be ok with failure, and then I practiced until I failed less.

So tomorrow I want you to start by saying hi to every stranger you see in the morning (ok, maybe not if you are going down Queen Street!  Just the neighbours maybe.....)

2. Swim in the ocean.  So many people are scared of sharks, yet happily send emails from their phone while driving at 100km/hr!

3. Climb a tree.  Only kids should be doing that right?  Who made that rule?!  Get out in a park and be a kid again...

4. Bungee Jump/Skydive/Bridge Walk.  I got to jump out of a plane a couple years ago, and it was terrifyingly awesome. Highly recommend.

And if the humble handstand is a doddle for you, then let's try it on parallettes.....or in the rings.....or how about some somersault work?  The skills you learn, help you move with more confidence, both inside and outside the gym.  We can always find something in here to challenge you, now how about you find something out THERE to challenge you?


Strict Pullups

3 x max reps

(8+ per set)

100m Run

2 Deadball shoulder

AMRAP in 6mins, 3mins rest.

50m Farmers Walk

100 Single Skips

AMRAP in 6mins, 3mins rest.

100m Row

10 Slam ball

AMRAP in 6mins


Strict Muscle Ups

1-3 reps EM x 10

(or 2-3 CTB+2-3 Dips)

50m DBL Rack Walk

8 DBL KB Racked Walking Lunges

6 Weighted Pull Ups 10/6kg

4 Wall Walks

2 TGU (1e/arm)

100m Run

AMRAP in 25mins

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