Going Rx is easier…

Emily being smart about her pushup scaling!

Emily being smart about her pushup scaling!

As Rx’d. As Prescribed. The goal of any red-blooded CrossFitter. To ‘clock’ the workout, by being able to meet the load, rep, or technique demands, and to be able to write those letters (rx) up next to your score. It’s a cool feeling the first time you do it.  You are actually making progress it feels....... finally!

But it’s important not to think of it as an end goal, or worse, as always the required one.  Even though you may be able to handle the weight, it may be incorrect for your ‘gearing’.  Just like one person prefers their damper set to 8 on the rowing erg, so another person prefers 4, and yet they both row as fast as each other. The Rx weight is just a suggestion, of a weight that will allow you to optimise your power output, and thus generate the best possible training effect from that workout. It’s common enough to see people trying to go rx, or as close as possible to it, when it’s a little out of reach.

Actually it’s an interesting phenomenon, to see some people try to go ABOVE rx (I spotted one of you last night, don't think I missed that...). But the coaches are on to you….:) We know, that when it’s a little too heavy to move fast, you will move slow….. or stop altogether. Now you are resting……. ooh, maybe it's time for a drink…..

Now, sometimes something heavy, or tricky is the point, but only rarely.  The coach will tell you during the briefing how the workout should feel, how it should be approached, and scaling options to ensure you get the needed effect. Talk to the coach, and then choose your weights and reps, based on their advice, and your growing knowledge of your own abilities. For example, Grace is 30 reps of clean and jerk 60/40kg.  It should take between 1:30-3 minutes. The feeling you will get from 30 clean and jerks performed in 2mins flat, feels drastically different to if it takes 8mins.  No matter if it was the same weight shifted, your average power output has dropped through the floor if it took 8mins.

And power output is how we develop your fitness.



Build to a heavy set of 3

Strict Pullups

3-4 sets x 3-8 reps


10 Hanging knee Raises



10 SD Box Jumps

Rest 60s

AMRAP in 15 minutes



5 x 1, all heavy

Strict CTB Pullups

3-4 sets x 3-8 reps


10 SD Box Jumps 60/50cm

10 Ring Dips

10 Weighted Situps

10 STOH 45/30kg

Rest 60s

AMRAP in 15mins

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