Girl Power? BTDT…


Been There Done That.....

There's been a lot of writing recently about the incredible growth of women lifting weights, training hard, building muscular bodies and finding confidence with a body shape that isn't just good for ahem with millionaires as Rhona Rousey so eloquently said.....

It's a great thing.  A long way from getting it right, but people are getting there.

Of course, while internet warriors argue over whether 'strong is the new sexy' is a good thing or still sexist, we've been quietly getting it done since ages ago.  We are a gym that gets people fit.  Not a weight loss gym, not a muscle gaining gym, not a sport performance gym.

We just want to see you moving better, and feeling healthier, and doing awesome things.  If part of that process involves losing fat, gaining muscle and winning competitions, so much the better.  But all these things are simply the typical 'side effects observed when better performance is the main goal.

The main difference when you keep your focus on doing things better, rather than just looking better (no matter what your idea of looking better is..), is that you get to feel more motivation, interest, task engagement, inspiration, achievement, satisfaction and fun!

Compared to the constant feeling of never quite being good enough to fit some preconceived ideal, I think we have a much more preferable philosophy to choose from.....

I hope you all enjoyed yesterday's new CFNZ/RCF09 Benchmark 'Furiosa'!  It might only be a movie character, but it's cool to see a female in the lead, kicking butt and taking names.


A. Strength


5 x 5, building

B. Conditioning

10 DB Snatch

10 DB Thruster

10 DB Rack Lunge

Alternating arms each round

AMRAP in 10mins

C. Opt. Finisher

10 Snap To Hollow

10 Powell Raises e/side

2-3 sets


A. Strength


5 x 1, building

B. Conditioning

1000m Row

Then, 3 rounds of:

10 Thrusters 45/30kg

10 Pullups


100 Double Unders

C. Opt. Finisher

20-30 Hollow Rocks

Iron Scap routine

2 x

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