Girl Friday and .com OG WOD

10994593_10153032836800482_8874090655396253982_nAfter a brief hiatus due to Waitangi Day, Girl Friday is back!

The first Friday of every month is one of the classic CrossFit benchmark 'Girls'

And yep, it's only fitting that Februarys workout is Fran!!

February 10th 2001, was also the date of CrossFit.coms first ever published workout.  So to celebrate, we have that programmed in our Fitness stream as a great compliment and scaled option to Fran.

Also, for those who feel that 6months is still no where long enough time to get over the last time they did Fran, we have the option of the CFG Open 11.6 workout as an alternate.  Yes it's the same movements, but without all of the pressure that can go along with a benchmark.  Of course if you did the Open in 2011, it may be even MORE pressure.......better hope you've gotten fitter in 4 years!!


Front Squats

5 x 3, building

DB Rows (in plank)

5 x 10, alternating arms (5 each arm)

“Fast & Heavy”

21 DB Thrusters 20/12.5kg

Run 400m

18 DB Thrusters

Run 400m

15 DB Thrusters

Run 400m


Front Squats

Work up to a heavy 3


21-15-9 reps

Thrusters 42.5/30kg



CFG Open 11.6


Thrusters 45/30kg

CTB Pullups

AMRAP in 7mins

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