Getting up – Turkish style


Matt focusing on the final TGU transition. The TGU is not just getting up off the floor, it's a sequence of specific positions.

Ahh, the Turkish Get Up (TGU), holding a heavy kettlebell overhead, and then standing up with it..... so simple.  I don't get why so many people dislike such a great tool for strengthening the shoulders.  Is it because it take so long to do a rep? Is it because there are too many steps to follow? Is it because we tell you to lie down, then get straight back up, then lie down again?  Sure that could be a little freaking annoying........

What if I told you that it also was great for activating shoulder and hip stabilisers, worked your midline better than hundreds of crunches, and improved your hand eye coordination?

How about that it will allow you to jerk more weight overhead, to overhead squat better, and perform more pullups?  Ok, maybe now I'm getting through to you...


The TGU has been around since the dawn of strength training...

Love it or hate it, the Turkish Get Up is one of the best exercises to do, bar none.  When done correctly it provides so much more than just shoulder benefits.

Remember,  the goal of fitness is to bring the joy of movement into your life, and as a bonus, maintain long-term and vigourous health – not to make yourself less mobile, always sore,  or worse, end up injured.

Pre-hab (things which help you avoid RE-hab) routines should be a regular part of your warmup before class.   We also include a lot of pre-hab movements in our DRILLS, to ensure those of you still rolling in to class late, aren't messing yourselves up..

Think you could do this with a bent elbow, or non vertical arm....? That's why position is so important.

Here's a list of just some of the benefits associated with a TGU:

1 - It provides upper body stabilization - It provides trunk, scapular and rotator cuff control.  It loads the shoulder through all movement planes, strengthening throughout a full range of motion.

2 - It gets the right side of the brain to work with the left - cross lateralization

3 - Improves lower body stability and coordination and strengthens the hips.

4 - It highlights strength and movement weaknesses that previously might have been unknown. Performing the movement will then help to reduce those imbalances.

I could go on about the benefits, but needless to say when it's done SLOWLY and methodically on a consistent basis (and you should also be combining this with the Crossover Symmetry system), it will BULLETPROOF your shoulders, supercharge your performance, and *add 10% to your salary within 6 months.

The Turkish Get Up is so important, that we start em young!!

* salary increases are not 100% guaranteed...


Back Squat

5 x 8 reps

OH Situps

5 x 8-12 reps

Strict Pullups

5 x 1-2


30 Russian Swings

6 TGU with a DB

2 Rounds NFT



AMRAP in 2mins


Back Squat


Pendlay Row

4 x 10


30 Russian Swings

6 TGU with a Barbell

2 Rounds NFT

75 Wallballs for time

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