Get your tires warm!


So, thanks to all the plastic we collected from Kohi Beach yesterday, we're having an unusually warm winter!!

But it's finally getting a bit damp and cold.

So be sure to get the body ready to go before you start training.

If Scott Dixon took his million dollar ride out on the track at Daytona and tried to go full throttle without warming up first, he'd go straight into the wall, whether he had Cole Trickles special tires or not...

If you watch the video, the cars are weaving all over the road, trying to heat the tires up, so that when the white flag dropped they could perform at their absolute best.

Bike, row, jog, skip, squat, crawl, move!  Get your tires warm.

FITNESS 3 Deadlift + 2 Hang Power Cleans + 1 Front Squats
- build to a heavy set7 Hang Power Clean
5 Pushpress
30m KB Rack Walk
Rest 1min
3 sets, increase weight each set
Front Squat
3 x 106 Burpee
12 Wallballs
AMRAP in 3mins
REST 3mins
20 Offset Lunges
30 Slamballs
AMRAP in 3mins
E. 1-2 sHSPU
O. 1-2 sPU
Alt EM x 1610-1
Russian swings
Push ups
5 x 5, building10 DB Row
10 DB Power clean
50m Sled Drags
AMRAP in 6mins
Reverse Lunge
3 x 1620 cal Row
20 Slamballs
20 Situps
20 DB Snatch
AMRAP in 15mins
PERFORMANCE Power Clean + Paused Hang Clean
4 x 1@ 70% of C&J20-16-12
DB Power Clean 20/12.5kg
DB Push Jerk
DB Row
Bulgarian Split
3 x 8 e/leg15/10 Cal Row
12 Burpee Box Jumps
9 Front Squats 85/60kg
3 Rounds for time
E. 1-2 sHSPU
O. 1-2 sMU
Alt EM x 1610-8-6-4-2
Strict TTB
Sumo Deadlift
7-5-3 heavy6 Deadlifts
6 Hang Power Cleans
AMRAP in 6mins
Back Squat
Heavy 5, then a heavy 10
**non stop reps5 Hang Power Snatches 50/35kg
5 Burpee CTB
AMRAP in 5mins
Rest 5mins
5 OH Squats
AMRAP in 5mins

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