Games update Day 1


Day One of the Games Masters comp done and dusted!

Wow, all I can say, is that things have stepped up a notch....  (kind of an understatement right?  It's only the top 0.1% of competitors, no shite, it's getting real here......)

Everything is bigger, everything is faster, everything is heavier, hotter, longer and more complicated.

Despite years of competition experience, I still made a few mistakes today and learned a lot. Eg: I planned my thruster weights in the warmup area, only to find different combinations of weight in the arena, which led to a panicky attempt at a heavier load than planned.

However, one thing hasn't changed.  The community.

I'm getting to know 19 awesome dudes in my category, and meeting plenty of great people in the other categories.  Holy crap did you see what some of the 60+ competitors can do?!?!?

Everyone is incredibly supportive, strategising together and sharing advice after events with those still to do them.

I am already thinking about trying to get a proper year of training in this time, so I can come back next year and have another crack.


8 Powell Raise - each arm (1 sec up, 3 seconds down)

50 meter Sled drag – moderate weight

50m Waiters Walk - each arm

16 Box Step-up, w/ DBs held at sides.

16 Russian Swings

16 Sit-ups

50m Suitcase Walk - each arm

30m Bear Crawl (2 lengths)

2 Turkish Get-up e/arm

10/7 calories Airbike

AMRAP 30 minutes @ 70-80% effort, focus on quality movement


4 Deadball Shoulders

6 DB Bench Press e/arm

8 Heavy Slamball

50m Suitcase Walk e/arm

30m Bear Crawl

AMRAP in 30mins


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