Friday 20 December


Coach Craig, getting a little Tarzan.....

Competing is a big part of CrossFit, both within the workouts themselves and in weekend events.

I love competing in CrossFit, I've been involved in every Regionals since they started, competed at the Games in the 2010 team, but I'm the first to say that you don't need to compete in CrossFit events to be successful with your fitness or to be a member of the community.  CrossFit comps just happen to be something else that you can do with your fitness besides all the other awesome events out there in our amazing country - trail runs, mountain bikes, ocean swims, paddleboard racing, river kayaks, orienteering and more.

But even if actual sporting competition is not your thing, you should consider competing in SOMETHING.

Compete for your school reunion. (show the popular kids a thing or two...)

Compete for your 40th birthday (I plan on being in better shape at 40 than I was at 20!)

Compete for the hiking trip to Machu Pichu (if you're fit as heck, then you can relax and just enjoy the scenery, rather than worrying about a donkey running off with your belongings....)

Set a goal, a deadline, make a deal with yourself, and then train for it!


Back Squat

5 x 5

Ring Dips/Ring Pushups/Pushups

5 x 5-8


Obstacle Course

Expect tyres, boxes, vaults, leaps, bounds, swings, and climbs.

Come and find your inner 5 year old......

Speaking of inner 5 year old, Sunday is a field trip to JUMP!  First 25 people to register HERE, can come for free.

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