Friday 2 May

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Jo is training her butt off, leading up to Regionals this month!

Wednesdays conditioning piece was an NFT - Not For Time.   Sometimes it's not all about the speed.  I know it seems like sacrilege not to race the clock, or anyone else, but there are certain elements of fitness that respond better with different emphasis.  Heavy swings to build posterior chain strength don't require a race.  Turkish Get Ups to improve core and shoulder stability, don't need speed, in fact the opposite is better.

Range of motion is something we harp on about, but it's not always about that either...  You can have good range of motion and still move poorly.  In a CrossFit comp that will still get your rep counted, even if the audience are cringing into their bulletproof coffees.....  Standards in fitness competitions are for power output, not virtuosity.

 Virtuosity is defined in Gymnastics as "performing the common uncommonly well".    On Tuesday, there were C2B pullups, pushups and pistols.  Were your feet together during the pull ups, body in a strong hollow position, or did you more resemble a stricken rabbit, scissoring your legs up in order to scrape your chest against the bar...  Did you hold your midline tight during the entire pushup, or just jackhammer your ribcage against the floor, before peeling yourself up, one vertebrae at a time....?  It's not enough to just get the work done, in order to truly master a movement, you have to master the movement (pretty Zen huh...?)

10 out of the 17 movements announced for the Regionals are gymnastics based.  Four of them have never appeared at Regionals level before.  The elite level stuff from the Games is filtering down (as it always does, and always will do, as the depth of athlete pool and the sport itself grows).

It's not enough to just be strong now, you need skill.  Many people find strength work a little tedious and repetitive.  Skill practice can be even more so.

You have to find a way past that....

Skill practice is a fantastic time to work on focus and mindfulness.  They are powerful things to develop.

See if you can get your mindfulness on, next time you work on skills, or slow yourself down during a metcon, and do it better instead of faster (the ladies like that apparently.....)


May Challenge - all the best to the 30 Day Nutrition Challengers!  Stay strong, enjoy what eating 100% real food feels like.

This is the end of Week 3 of our 13 week training cycle, are you tracking your progress?

This Saturday is the HPU Playoffs comp at Les Mills in the city, we have loads of teams competing, and I know they would love to see you there for some support.


Press 3 x 5
Pullup 3 x 5

Girl Friday - Nancy
400m Run
15 OH Squats 42.5/30kg (scale to
5 rounds

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