Friday 18 July


When I tried to gain muscle I failed.....

Took all the supplements in the world....
Tried body part splits, high volume, high intensity, giant sets, drop sets, forced reps, partial reps, negative reps, assisted reps, pre-fatigue, post fatigue......
When I tried to lose fat I failed.....
Took all the supplements in the world
Did steady state cardio, interval cardio, fasted cardio, post workout cardio
Did intermittent fasting
Took ice baths
Wrapped my abs in cling film......ok just joking, never fell for this, but it was a common one back in the day
However, when I simply tried to PERFORM better, I succeeded.
I tried to lift heavier.
I tried to run faster.
I tried to row further.
I tried to do more than last the last time.
And I did!
But slowly and surely I achieved my other goals too.
Don't chase aesthetics, chase performance.


Front Squat

5 x 3reps, building


6 DB Power Cleans

6 DB Renegade Rows

6 DB Pushpress

AMRAP in 3mins

Rest 1min

3 sets


400m Sled drag



Pause Front Squat + Front Squat

3 sets @ 90% +


2 Bar Muscle Ups (or 6 Burpee CtB)

4 HSPU (or 12 Pushups)

6 Power Cleans 70/45kg

AMRAP in 10mins


400m Sled drag

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