Friday 14 March


Meena RCF09

Meena getting work done!

If you haven't noticed the bright orange addition to the right hand side of Reebok CrossFit 09 yet, it means you've been a bit slack with your training!!

We are stoked to have Tawhai, Meena and the team joining us from Carrington Road Physio, now flatteringly (is that a word...?) re-branded as 09 Physio!

Hopefully you all know Meena.  She walks the talk, and she wields a mean acupuncture needle, so if you are feeling a little achy and tight, she's the person to see.  Tawhai, the owner of 09 Physio, has long experience working with top NZ sports teams, and so understands the need to help you guys train intelligently around injury or pain, rather than recommend you just lie at home on the couch.

Karen, the massage therapist specialises in deep tissue work (not for softies...), but it's just what you need on a day off.  And you may also know Penny, she trains at RCF09 too, and keeps an eye on the busy practice from the front desk all day.

There are great discounts for RCF09 members too!  We're very lucky to have this addition to our community, and it's all part of our commitment to you; we want nothing but the best for you all.

Don't forget to get yourself down for a heat tomorrow.  14.3 announced at 1pm today!



A1. Jerk

5 x 1

A2. Bar Muscle ups/C2B



10 DB Snatch


10 pullups

30 double unders

AMRAP in 7mins


50m DBL Waiters Walk

100m Rack Walk

200m Farmers Walk

Rest as needed



A1. Pushpress

5 x 5

A2. Strict Knee Raise/TTB

5 x 8-12


10 Wallball

10 Russian swing

10 Burpee Lateral Plate Jump

AMRAP in 7mins

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