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The selection of Nanos in our household!!

The selection of Nanos in our household!! There has been about 6 more additions since this pic.....

Which shoe fits! (we have had a number of new members asking about shoes, so this is an informational repost for you!)

Up until around 2 years ago you would have seen a vast range of foot wear worn by CrossFitters. The favourite back then seemed to be the Inov-8 brand, their light, minimalist range was a hit with CrossFitters everywhere!

Now its quite a different story! Nanos, NANOs are everywhere!
U-form, 2.0, 3.0, Speed, Oly.... What really is the difference? I will explain :)

This picture is the array from our household!

The Nano and 2.0

The original Nano was the breakthrough in the CrossFit world, it embraced the minimalist construction like the Inov-8s but added a more solid footing which was perfect for jumping, burpees, running, rope climbs AND LIFTING! This was one of the biggest breakthroughs for CrossFitters who used to have to choose between trying to run in their rock hard oly shoes or getting crushed under the barbell with their squishy trainers!  Inov-8's were pretty decent, but lacked the rope climb protection at the time.

The Nano 2.0 was out barely a year after the first model, with improvements in stability, flexibility and breathability.  The Nano has quite a roomy toe area and my feet happily got used to them after just a week or so.
The original Nano can no longer be found on the market but the 2.0 is still out in force! From my opinion it is the BEST all round CrossFit shoe you can find.

Then came the Nano U form.

This style boasted a customisable inner sole and a slightly narrower toe area, with the ability to mould them to your feet via heating them in the oven first!  Other than these two features they weren’t too dissimilar to the Nano 2.0. I really liked the narrower toe so these shoes quickly became my favourites. Something to keep in mind if you have narrow feet.

More recently we have seen the release of the Nano 3.0.

These have had quite a number of changes from the U Form and 2.0s! They have a dual sole, the heel is solid but the toe offers a greater level of flexibility, it certainly feels great for running, burpees and jumping! Overall they feel a lot ‘softer’ to wear, almost like there is more cushioning in the sole even though there isn’t.
The outside of the shoe is a combination of fabric and a rubbery plastic, supposedly a little more hardy for rope climbs. They have stood up to everything I have put them through over the last few months exceptionally well and have become my overriding favourites in a HUGE way even though they are PINK, now that is really saying something!

And finally, we have the Nano Speeds, which are designed for exactly that… running FAST!
 look like a running shoe, feel like a minimalist running shoe and perform well on the running side of things.
I tried a bit of oly lifting in them, the sole is definitely is a lot softer and only took one dropped lift to realise I would have to work a little harder when performing a heavy snatch!

The one annoying thing I found is they fit half to one full size larger than their Nano counterpart. My only guess is that it gives your toes more room to move when running. I would have gone half a size smaller had I known before hand.  Daz however, was quite happy with his sizing, so perhaps you should try someones on before you order first.

There you have it! Each time I have changed shoes it has taken my feet about a week to readjust. It seems that even though they are all quite similar my feet notice the difference. I personally haven’t run any further than 10km in any of the Nanos but I have done everything from mountain biking, hiking, trail running, dog walking, tree climbing and travelling the world. The are fantastic for everything, which is exactly what you would expect from an all round CrossFit shoe.

They seem to get quite dirty quite quickly so even though its not recommended I have put all my shoes in the washing machine with a few towels on a slower spin cycle, it works a treat!
If you have any more specific questions come and see anyone wearing a pair!


OH Squat

Work up to a heavy 5 rep set in 20mins


30 OHS 45/30kg

Then, 3 rounds of:

10 pullups

30 double unders

Finish with,

30 OHS


Front Squat

5 x 5, all heavy


500m row

30 lateral jumps (plate or parallette)

20 Situps

10 Burpees

20 Slamballs

30 Lateral Jumps

400m run

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