Fit Shaming…

Neel it's great to see you around the gym again!

Neel it's great to see you around the gym again!

Almost everyone at Reebok CrossFit 09 has a story.

Their work mates giving them grief about their lunch choices, "OMG, what is that you are eating???!!"

"Paleo Shepherds Pie?  Sounds disgusting.....  "

"You do know that there is a lot of saturated fat in there?  No I don't know what saturated fat is or why it is supposedly bad for you, but I know that it IS bad for you because I saw it on tv...."

Or their mother.

"You look so thin.  You need to eat more"

"I can't believe you wont eat any of the dessert, I slaved away all day making that, you obviously don't care about my feelings......."

"Ladies shouldn't have muscles, that's disgusting..."

"No one is going to marry you if you are stronger than them....!"

Or their spouse/partner

"I hate that we don't spend Saturday night eating junk food anymore, you don't love me!"

"Hey I bought you some of those cronuts, that you are always craving.  I know you have specifically told me that you do not want to eat them anymore, but I think you deserve one, and anyway I'm going to be eating one right now in front of you, so you may as well....."

"Wow, your traps are really getting big eh?"

"Are you seriously going to workout on holiday, what about all that lying in the sun drinking cocktails I had planned?!"

Fit Shaming finds it's way to us in many other forms besides the examples I just shared.  It's a funny thing to be considered weird for wanting to look after yourself (eg fitness freak); what's freaky about being fit?

This is one competition, we should be glad Aussie beat us in......!

Well maybe it is a bit freaky when you consider that we are now the THIRD fattest nation in the WORLD!!

How did this happen?

We can talk about sedentary lifestyles and office jobs, more tv and screen based activities, and an abundance of cheaper, more energy dense processed junk food available than ever before.

But we should also consider that humans have always had a bit of a need to bully the ones who weren't normal - the smart, the weak, the shy and awkward.

And the fit seem to get grouped in there too.

When ever I am out for a run, I notice how so many people almost seem to be ashamed to be exercising.  Heads down, earphones in to shut themselves away from the world.  Or maybe it's just me, and they think I'm going to accost them... :)

I see it in the gym too, where you think that us fitness freaks would be safe and welcome.  There is a hesitation to have a go, to try a new movement, to fail, I sense there is a fear of being seen as different.

Well I say that Fit Shaming needs to stop right now!  Let's make it ok to do pushups in your office, to do high intensity sprints on the beach even if you're not a league star or national track athlete, and to ask the wait staff if they will ditch the bread and add avocado.  This sort of behaviour should not draw jeers, scowls or snide comments.

Rise up fit people!


Hang Power Snatch
5 x 3

6 DB Snatch
6 Single Arm DB Pushpress
AMRAP in 7min, alternating arms each round


1 rep EM x 10, add weight every 2-3 sets

1-2-3 etc Snatch/HSPU upladder
AMRAP in 7mins
- @ 70% of 1RM snatch

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