Fit not skinny….


The weather is warmer! Finally!  This means that I don't have to be rugged up in 6 layers to stop my lips from turning blue! It also means we are back into the season of singlets, tees, shorts and skirts! Hooray!
I recently went to a hens party... a non CF friends hens party... The comments I got in relation to my body left me wondering whether they were meant as a compliment or an insult.
That day served as a forceful reminder of what an incredible community of people we have here at 09, we celebrate our bodies no matter the shape and size!  We celebrate what we achieve over a particular dress size! We celebrate getting that muscle definition on our arms because it is showing how hard we are working on our goals!
When someone comments on the size of my arms or shape of my legs I now smile and say Thank You.. even if they have said it as more of an insult than a compliment. Try it next time... it is worth seeing the look of confusion on their faces.
I would like to remind you all to BE PROUD of what you have achieved, BE PROUD of the arms, legs and stomach you are shaping, BE PROUD that you can carry all the shopping into the house in one go, do renovations on the house and run around with your kids.  Most importantly BE PROUD that you have found a form of exercise that you love so much that is doesn't really feel like exercise anymore.


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