Courtesy Wave…

If you see someone just hanging about, why not go say hi!

If you see someone just hanging about, why not go say hi!

Have you heard the term 'courtesy wave'? It's that casual little lift of the hand you give to someone when they let you out of a side road, or for when you decide to pull over on a tight street and let someone proceed past you.
It's such a simple little thing. It's not in the road code book, yet everyone knows about it. And how wild do you get when someone denies you the courtesy wave?!courtesy_wave

Exactly, it's very uncool etiquette.

So if you can wave out to some complete stranger who let's you into busy traffic queues, or pulled over so you can squeeze past them on a tight road; then surely you can say hello to another CFNZ'er!

We're back at full and regular attendance now, but more importantly there are a TON of new faces about the place.  With the Open

Peter_grinds starting next week, there will likely be the odd casual visitor in from out of town getting their workout validated, and they are going to need cheering just as much as the members (maybe more, as they are all by themselves, away from their home gym!).

So next time you walk into the gym, and are about to pass someone by without acknowledging them (I get it, you are still switching out of work mode, or parent mode, or pissed at the world mode, or that damn driver who didn't give you a courtesy wave mode!!), but just make sure to give them a courtesy wave, and say hello.  Even better, a CFNZ courtesy high five!!


100 Single Skips

20 DB Snatch

20 Slamballs

20 Burpee Lateral Jumps (over parallette)
AMRAP in 10mins


Back Squat
4 x 8, building

75 Double unders
60 Box Jumps 60/50cm
45 CTB Pull ups
30 Burpees
15 Bar Muscle ups

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