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One of the interesting things about the rapid growth of CrossFit is the growth of all the businesses that CrossFitters like to shop at. Our very own Kaz and Pure Delish is one of the very first examples. Then you have equipment companies like Industrial Athletic, paleo meals from Feed Me, and real food from Wilder & Hunt.  Fitshop and SprintFit will sell you tshirts, Nanos, and wrist wraps, and you can get a bulletproof coffee now at most cafes. Food quality is something that discerning health enthusiasts are chasing more and more these days, and we've recently made a good contact for meat.

A high end Meat supplier, McMaster Farms has proudly been in business with Auckland's most elite restaurants, hotels and caterers for the past 20 years.
Their beef is only ever grass-fed prime steer Angus and is cold boned then aged. This means the carcass is hook hung for 14 days before being broken down to prime cuts then further aged for 4-6 weeks. The result is a beautifully robust and rich flavour. 
Lamb - There are two specific areas in NZ which yield the most flavorsome, healthy and happy lamb, Hawkes Bay and Canterbury. 
Pork/Poultry/Game - All locally sourced in the wider Auckland area when possible and fed quality feed as opposed to Soy and Corn kernel. 
They also only ever source  Beef/Lamb/Pork/Chicken & Game from farms they personally trust/know and are in close proximity to abattoirs. This gives peace of mind regarding product traceability and avoids excessive stress on the animal in transit. 
Until now their product range has only been available in a business to business capacity. However after observing the high prices progressive and foodstuffs are selling a somewhat generic product for, they feel there is a gap in the market to be filled. 
Starting this week, we will be taking bulk delivery for meat and poultry at RCF09. If you want in on the first week, you'll need to make your order by 5pm Tuesday, for Thursday delivery.  Keep an eye on your in box and the members only FB page for details.
And yes, they do amazing bacon.....

DB Split Squats

4 x 8 reps e/leg

Single Arm DB Row

4 x 8 reps e/arm

20 Wall Balls


10 Slamballs

AMRAP in 7mins


Front Rack Reverse Lunges

Build to a heavy 6, alternating

Single Arm DB Row

4 x 8 reps e/arm

500m Row

21 DB Thrusters 2 x 20/12.5kg

350m Row

15 DB Thrusters

200m Row

9 DB Thrusters

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