Coach Profile

Amanda was the very first coach we brought in to the CFNZ team, back in 2009. She was thrown straight into the deep end, running the gym while we swanned off to compete the Regional CrossFit competition in Sydney. She did great of course.....and has continued to grow as a coach, demonstrating a maturity and an implicit understanding of functional movement that is well above her biological age - she's really still just a baby!! But she is a fully qualified physio, and helps to keep our community in tip top shape so they can continue to train hard

Crossfit regionals

The Reebok CrossFit Regionals are done and dusted, and Team CFNZ are pretty happy! A hard earned 5th place for the team. Taz 6th place after a tough 3 days and Pat took out the mens comp convincingly. Pip narrowly missed making the final day cut with an awesome 15th place in her first big…
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We’re different.

We teach real world, functional fitness to people that want more out of life. Workouts are short, hard, and they get results top 10 celebrities with herpes - fast. No strangers. A gym where everyone knows your name. Click here to read more.
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Just try it…'s the only way to understand what we do. Bored of your gym? Want better results? Need a new challenge? We're committed to our community's success. Free workouts most Saturdays. Click here to register
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Community rocks!

“I can’t do that!" We hear this all the time. But then it changes to, “I can‘t believe I just did that!” It's so much easier with community behind you. Click here to see success stories, people from all walks of life... and we didn’t even bribe ‘em...
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