CFNZ/09 ladies representing.


The NZ Fitness Expo is on this weekend at ASB Showgrounds.  At the expo the Industrial Athletic Invitational is running Sat/Sun, with the 10 best hand picked make and female athletes from around the country (plus 5 wildcards).  Morgan, Joelene and Krista are competing, in events designed by yours truly (not that the ladies have had any advantage, the workouts are top secret!), so if you are at a loss for something to do this weekend, pop on down, they'd love your support.

Ok, here it is.....the 2km row retest.  It's probably come around far too quickly.....

Yes it sucks/hurts/bores, but that's kind of why it's such an amazing test of fitness.  In fact, I'd wager that your progress is ALL aspects of fitness would be closely related to your willingness to suffer in a workout like this...  It's as much a test of mental as it is physical.  The week is about to take a turn for the chilly again, which will present yet another barrier to your desire to train.  Don't let a tough test like the row make that barrier any higher......


Hang Power Snatch 3RM (10mins)


2km Row

Optional Finisher

50m Front Rack Carry

10-15 Weighted Situp

3 x


Snatch 1RM (Power or Squat)


2km Row

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