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Workout of the day.

How’s the consistency…?

Mechanics, consistency, intensity.

If you've done a CrossFit coaching course, you'll know this phrase inside out.  As a member of a CrossFit affiliate, you will have heard it during your first week of training, perhaps even on day one when you stopped by to get some information about joining!

The quick explanation of this statement, is that we must start by learning the correct technique of a movement first, then practice it, and finally, perform it with intensity.

However, it is generally the older child, that gets most of the attention.

Intensity is cool. Everyone loves to go hard, work hard, push hard.

The baby of the family, often gets attention too, but it's only lip service.  Everyone certainly agrees that the baby is so cute! But they're not really interested in doing anything with it. What are babies good for!?

This is something that often happens, plenty of talk about technique, but very little consistent practice of it.  Plenty of intensity, but at the expense of the other siblings.

It also applies to focus and effort.   It's easy to APPEAR to be paying attention during the workout brief, but if your mind is still at work, you're missing out on information crucial to better mechanics.

And although it may seem counter-intuitive to some, most people who are bought into fitness, have no problem with intensity.  They can push themselves very hard, thank you very much.

Listening consistently, training hard (and don't forget that this is a relative level) consistently is what is hard.

My challenge to you, is, give the poor forgotten middle child of fitness some more attention......

Turn up 3-5 x week.

Switch on during technical aspects of coaching.

Spend more time drilling the basics than on advanced movements.

LOTS of time.

Be consistent.

[Don't forget, we're closed on Sunday and most of Monday for Labour Weekend, beat the traffic home and get along to our Monday evening session at 530pm]

Training October 16 - 21





5 Front Squats EM x 7 @ RPE 7-8


18 Air Squats

15 Overhead Situps 10/5kg

12 Lateral Step up Overs 50cm

9 Burpees

3 rounds for time



3 Back Squats EM x 7 @ RPE 7-8


18 Wallballs

15 TTB

12 Burpees

9 CTB Pull-ups

3 rounds for time




1. 8 Romanian Deadlift, building

2. 12 Box Jump Overs 60/50cm

3. 16 KB Hang Clean & Pushpress

Alt EM x 15


500/400m Row or 400m Run
35 American Swing 32/24kg
20/15 Pushups
E 7 M x 2





Split Squat

4 x 8/leg, heavy


Hanging Knee Raise

4 x 12


10 DB Rows 15/10kg

15 Wallballs 9/6kg

100m Suitcase Walk 32/24kg

AMRAP in 10mins


Double KB Front Rack Reverse Lunge

4 x 16, heavy


Skin the cats

4 x 3


20 OH Squat 60/40kg

1min OH Hold

20 Front Squat

2min Front Rack Hold

20 Back Squat

30m Loaded Bear Crawl 20/10kg







Alt EM x 16


In 5mins

100 Dubs/Singles

50 Situps


REST 3mins

In 5mins

200m Run

50 Slamballs 9/6kg (or Hanging Knee raises)

AMRAP Dubs/singles

Girl Friday - retest from March 31




Power Clean + Jerk

Build to a heavy 1.1.1



30 Ground to shoulder to overhead



‘Grace Deconstructed’

3 Deadlifts

3 Hang Power Cleans


AMRAP in 6mins @ 60% of A


Power Snatch or Power Clean

Build to a technically sound TnGo 3


Grace (C&J) or Isabel (Snatch)

30 reps GTOH 61/42.5kg

If possessing a sub 3min time for Rx Grace or Isabel, athlete may like to try Heavy Grace or Isabel @ up 75-85% of 1RM Power C&J or Power Snatch.




Front Squat

Build to a heavy 3 in 15mins


Bar Muscle up tech

  • Jump to hollow

  • Hollow arch

  • Hollow arch to straight arm pull


400m Run

20 Front Squats 50/35kg

10 Burpee Bar Muscle ups (or Burpee Box Vaults)

4 rounds for time in teams of 2

* ‘You go, I go’

C. ‘Beach Muscles….’

5 DB Curls

5 DB Pushups

5 Weighted Situps (DB on chest)

AMRAP in 5mins

Lift lighter to get stronger?

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