Can you speak CrossFit?

alex_snatchI know what you're thinking.......

Our exercises are SO complicated !!

I saw your eyes glaze over, or a look of panic cross your face, when  I said the words "hang power clean" yesterday.

The same look I see when I say, "snatch", "pushpress", "thruster" and "renegade row".....

You're wondering how on earth you will ever remember all these weird words, OR, you're wondering if there is any point......

The fact that this stuff is tough to learn, however, IS the point.

This is a journey, not a quick fix, it will take you a LONG time to learn the NAMES of the exercises, let alone the exercises themselves.

If you've read Outliers by  Malcolm Gladwell, you'll know of the concept that it takes 10 000 hours of practice to become expert in something.  If you're training with us an average of 4 times per week, that's about 200 hours per year, and so only.........50 years to get good at this CrossFit thing!! :)

Luckily, you don't actually need 10 000 hours to become an expert on CrossFit lingo, or even to get pretty damn good at CrossFit.  But there are other ways to add hours to your practice.

Be consistent with your training, pay attention, keep a journal, read CrossFit and other health/fitness blogs.  Read THIS blog!  Listen to the coaches, listen hard during the brief,  ask questions, talk to other members, talk to the coaches, don't cherry pick your classes, take some EXTRA classes (specialty and private training).

These are just some of the things that will start to lift the mysterious shadowy veil of the world of CrossFit.  One day you'll start to realise that you not only know the names of all the exercises, you'll know HOW do them, and eventually,  WHY we do them.  Then maybe you can help us to lift the veil for someone else....  Start by telling them, "I know what you're thinking...."



5 x 3

Strict Pullups

5 x 3

HSPU/Perfect Pushups

5 x 3-10

Alternate between exercises


Donkey Kong


Russian Swings


Box Jumps/Stepups



5 x 3


5 x 1-2 (add deficit if needed)

Alternate between exercises.




Deadlifts 100/70kg


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