Bone smoosh and fermented cabbage


Bone broth and sauerkraut!!

Something that you may not know about me… I don’t cook!  Cooking matches my feelings about having children…. it takes time (that I could be using to sleep) and the responsibility of creating something amazing is a little too much pressure :)  LUCKILY Daz is an AMAZING cook!  Without him we would be restricted to frozen peas in a cup!

It will therefore surprise you to learn I have recently developed a HUGE interest in creating bone broth and sauerkraut!!

Pili planted the seed when we were discussing nutrient rich foods and I am now three bone broth batches down, and my first batch of sauerkraut has just made its way into the fridge!

Why on earth would I think of eating bone smoosh and fermented cabbage you ask? Well the health benefits are ENDLESS!!

sauerkrautandbrothBone broth has been around for centuries.  Just google “Bone broth benefits” and you will see what I mean.  Here is a brief overview of why this is something you should SERIOUSLY consider adding into your daily diet.

The process of creating bone broth extracts the proteins, minerals and fats from bones and connective tissues .  It is very well known as a superfood!

The best part, is that all of these minerals are in their natural form which allows them to be easily absorbed by your body.  This delicious soup like substance is supplying you with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and trace minerals, and also an amazing source of the amino acids glycine and proline, which all contribute to cartilage, bone, ligament and tendon support and repair! Glycine also helps with liver detoxification. Very handy for our hard working bodies!

The fats, gelatin and collagen in bone broth can help restore the health of your digestive system including your gut which in turn helps with the absorption of the minerals. It is shown to have huge benefits for people with food intolerances, allergies, adrenal fatigue AND it boosts your immune system! What more could you want coming into winter surrounded by people with colds, coughs and sore throats!

And yes this is all found in 1 simple substance… bone broth!

Now how can you get your hands on this magic stuff?  All you need is slow cooker (or a big pot).

This is the recipe from nomnompaleo I have been using! It is so simple!

The biggest challenge is finding pasture fed beef and free range chicken bones, St John’s butcher right around the corner from CFNZ is a great place to go.  If making it seems like too much work, then watch this space for our friend Pete's very own ready made broth, hitting the market very soon.

Once you have made your batch, put it in the fridge and then you can pull some out to add to each meal, I personally just heat some up in a cup and drink it like a soup but you can add into almost any dish without even noticing it.  The bonus is that is tastes delicious.

Next week I'll talk to you about my sauerkraut!

- Krista



DB Split Squat

3 x 8 e/leg


10 Hanging Knee Raises

10 Plate G2OH

10 Slamballs

10 OH Rev. Lunge

AMRAP in 7mins


50m Double KB Rack Walk

2-3 rounds, NFT



Back Squat 20 reps


10 TTB

10 DB Snatch 20/12.5kg

AMRAP in 7mins


50m Double KB Rack Walk

2-3 rounds, NFT

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