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ropeclimbNow that school is back in session and the days are getting shorter again, the attendance numbers are surging back to their normal highs in at the gym.  Great to see everyone back into it again.  I just discovered an unpublished post from Krista, it’s not too late to share I think….

Holidays!! One of the best things in life! However, I find it quite entertaining that these days when contemplating a holiday, the first question is.. is there a CrossFit box close by??

Our 2013 holiday was to Hawaii for two weeks, it wasn’t a coincidence that the hotel we were booked into was 200m away from a beach side CrossFit box! (although we did manage to switch holiday mode on a bit better, and stick to just a few hotel room workouts and beach runs in Thailand last year)

However a holiday is a holiday and unless you are rather crazy like the two of us you will want to use this holiday time to rest, relax, explore and get away from the normality of life right!?

Your body and mind will love you for it too!

Then you arrive home and no matter how long its been, you are slightly petrified of walking back into the gym?

When you do make it back, your first workout feels like its the first time you have EVER stepped into the gym, burning lungs, weak legs and then it takes the rest of the week to recover!

I wanted to write this post to let you know that you don’t have to worry this doesn’t last forever!  You are NOT back to square one and you WILL be able to squat that weight, get that pull up and smash those double unders once more! The amount of time you have had off generally relates to how long it will take to get back into the full swing of things, last year I had a little over a month off while I travelled through Europe, it look me around 3 weeks to feel like I was back to where I left off, not bad I thought, after doing not much more than walking and eating every type of pastry and foreign delight I could get my hands on for a month.  When I got the chance to have a proper workout I took it, but I didn't go crazy if I missed a few.

So don’t be afraid of that holiday.. Your muscle will still be there, your lungs will still be primed, you may be a little sore for a few days but you will be back to full capacity in no time!

- Krista


DB Pushpress
5 x 8, building
Russian Swing
5 x 15

7 Burpee
7 DB Snatch 20/12.5kg
50m Waiters Walk each arm
AMRAP 7 mins


Push Jerk
Work up to a heavy triple

50 double unders
10 Pushjerk 70/45kg
40 double unders
10 Pushjerk
30 double unders
10 Pushjerk
20 double unders
10 Pushjerk
10 double unders
10 Pushjerk

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