Athletes don’t train for free….


Just wanted to clarify something within the community after conversations with a few people.  Since 2010, we have always had a small but dedicated group of competitive CrossFit athletes who train together on Saturdays and during the week do extra skills, strength and Oly lifting work.  

But as mentioned in a recent blog post, it's amost all based off the gym programming, and is only really kept on the down low to stop A-types from being tempted into running before they can walk. Besides the fact that we think our regular proramming does the trick just fine, inclusivity of the team is important to me. And what is also important to me, is equal treatment.  So just so you all know, top athletes don't train for free here.... :) affiliate_growth It's been amazing to see the growth of CrossFit since CFNZ opened the first New Zealand affiliate in 2008! And now with the growing popularity of CrossFit as a sport, it is going next level.  We are seeing athletes getting sponsorship and endorsement deals.  From free tshirts, to supplements, and gym memberships, to actual cold hard cash (still rare, but changing with THIS ) from various companies; all of which help these athletes to train full time in pursuit of their goals and glory. It's pretty awesome for the sport.  We now get to see what is humanly possible when someone commits themselves fully to the pursuit of performance. However, as we approach The Open qualifiers, it's important to note, that they are not our priority.

That's right, YOU still come first. Not the guy with 20 muscle ups, or the girl with the 80kg snatch.  You. The normal guy and girl with a stressful job, and 2 kids; who wants to be fitter and healthier.  The one who wants to get their first pullup, and run without pain. The person wanting to learn about good nutrition, get leaner, develop more flexibility and enjoy life more.  The Open competition MIGHT be a part of that, or it might not.


I am often asked by budding athletes about free or discounted memberships. And in the past we have actually lost athletes to other gyms who offered them free training (we certainly don't begrudge anyone a free membership if they can score it, but it's just not our culture here.....).    I also know of gym owners whose sole marketing plan is to try and get athletes to the CrossFit Games....... and then stand aside gleefully as the unfit masses rush through their roller door waving money at them........ :) Not only will that not happen, but it's likely to be highly unsatisfying as a coach and highly likely to breed a complete lack of loyalty amongst the athletes.


We have a lot of experience training Regional and Games level athletes (both in the gym and online), but at the end of the day, all we are looking for, are people who want to learn, who are willing to put aside ego and be challenged, to fail occasionally, and to be better for the experience.    And we want people who will be a part of our community, no matter how high they rise.

If you are a top level Games athlete, awesome, myself and the other coaches will bust our arse to help you achieve all that you want and more.  And if you are someone who has never exercised in their life, but is ready to change, we'll bust our arse for you as well! But you're both paying.... :)

FYI, after The Open finishes, we will be making a change to our Competitors class.  The programming, and training will be open to ANYONE who wants to compete in CrossFit style events, from local comps all the way to The Games themselves.  If you want to make CrossFit your sport, then we want to help you move better, understand competition strategy, learn more about effective training and recovery and stay safe.  This is for all CFNZ/RCF09 members and other CrossFitters also.  And yes, it will cost extra...... :)

If you're doing The Open this year, we'll be analysing each weeks Open event before the big day on Saturday, sharing strategies and game plans, techniques to improve performance and mental tricks to ensure your best possible score. 


2 Hang Power Clean + 2 Front Squat
3-5 Pull ups
6-8 S/A DB Pushpress

Alternate as a circuit, rest as needed.

7 DB Renegade Row
7 DB Hang Power Clean
7 DB Thrusters
AMRAP in 7mins


Squat Clean
EM x 10

15 Wall Balls 10/6kg
15 Power Clean 42.5/30kg
5 Rounds

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