Athlete Profile – Joelene Neville

Jo is two sleeps away from day one of the Pacific Regionals event!  Placing 23rd in the Australasia Open after 5 very challenging weeks, earned her a spot at this years regionals in Wollongong.  This year is a little different, only the top 30 women in Australasia got through to this round, because this year the Pacific is one of 7 Super-regionals that will see athletes competing from both Australasia and Asia!
Here is a little from Jo about her lead up to the regionals and what she is looking forward to over this 3 day event.
This is your third year competing at the regionals! How do you feel about the last 3 years of training and where you are now?
It will be 3 years doing CrossFit this August and my 3rd regionals and I have come such a long way from where I started. Ask anyone that knew me back then and they would say "raw". I had no idea what I was doing back then, but now as Darren put it a couple of weeks ago I'm starting to become more of a complete athlete :)
I have really worked hard on all my weaknesses and still working on them to make them my strengths :) I'm actually not worrying about whether I can't do anything anymore :)
I also feel like I have become a better and smarter athlete thanks to Krista and Darren who have taught me so much along the way,  these two have made me the athlete I am today and I cant thank them enough for it :)
What have you most enjoyed about training for the regionals this year?
I've actually enjoyed working all those weaknesses of mine that are in some of the events, handstand walking, snatch, rope climbs, strict deficit Handstand Push Ups, if they were never programmed in the events I wouldn't have been working so dam hard on them :)
What was the first thought that popped into your head when event 4 the 250ft (76.2m) handstand walk was announced?
I was like SHIT! (Yes Krista, I owe you a strict handstand pushup for saying that):) and thought well looks like I'll be getting on my hands for the next 2 weeks :) And I have to remember how far I have come since last year,  I could barely manage 3 metres!
Do you have a particular nutrition plan on your lead up to a big event like this?
Generally I eat very clean anyway except for a lil chocolate here and there 😉
So last couple of weeks have tried to cut that out.
What are you looking forward to eating at the end of day 3?
Ice cream on the coldrock and blocks of chocolate :)
If you could only take ONE piece of training equipment with you to use for the weekend.. what would it be?
Oh man you have got me on this one! 😉 It's seriously taken me at least 10 minutes to answer this question!
Im an equipment queen for those that don't know, I own every piece of equipment that you could think of thanks to my incredible sponsors Industrial Athletic!
Going by the events that are scheduled I would have to go with my speed rope as I need that for my double unders in event 3!
What is your favourite workout outfit that will be gracing the floor this weekend?
Well I'll definitely be kitted out in all my Industrial Athletic gear, thanks again Rob and Amber :)
But look out for my long white and black Kinetic tights and zebra tights they will be making an appearance too :)
Who are you most excited about watching compete at the regionals this year?
All the New Zealand athletes :)  Can't wait for all of us to show what kiwis are made of :)
Which are the top two workouts you are most excited about over the 3 days?
Event 1: Randy - short hard and fast
Event 7: 15 ring muscle ups and squat clean ladder - this is a sprint (again love short, heavy and fast):)

6 DB Snatch

Build to a heavy set

Alternate with;

Strict Pullups

5 x 1-3 reps

10 Double Unders

15 DB Snatch

20 Lateral Box Step Overs

AMRAP in 6mins


Snatch Pull + Hang Squat Snatch

Build to a heavy set

Alternate with;

1-2 dsHSPU

10 Triple Unders

15 Russian Swings

20 OH Lunges 20/10kg

AMRAP in 6mins

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