Athlete Profile – Fern Jones

 We're talking to Fern Jones today.   It took her a while to join us, after her partner (soon to be husband!) Rob had been with us for most of a year, but once she did, she has made amazing progress!  It's always good having couples and families training together here at RCF09.
What is your favourite 'treat', food or otherwise?

Um can I answer all food?! Haha I would probably say chocolate and cheese...I LOVE cheese and would happily eat an entire block by myself.

How long have you been a member at Reebok CrossFit 09?
I started just after Christmas last year I think.

How did you end up walking through our doors for the first time? How long did it take Rob to convince you to give it a try?
Rob probably spent about 6months telling me that I should go, and that my current gym probably wasn't doing anything for me anymore. Then I started having physio from Meena who pretty much said the same thing. A friend really fancied giving it a go so we decided to give it a try together.

Can you remember your first experience with us? What was it like and how did you feel? Excited? Nervous?
So nervous! Both Kate and I were super nervous getting ready at work before heading over. Krista was her usual awesome self and sent us an email about an hour before saying "by the way girls no need to feel nervous" which definitely helped.

Is there a piece of training equipment you can't live without?
Maybe the gym floor itself? I really enjoy the gymnastic movements and the floor work specifically.

What are you doing when you aren't training with us?
I work as a Speech Language Therapist for a charitable trust and have the pleasure of travelling into Northland every 3 weeks or so. I have the pleasure of truly loving my job. Outside of work we love a good movie and we play indoor netball once a week which is always a good laugh.

What has been one of the biggest things in your life that has changed since starting CrossFit?
Probably body awareness (I am the person who walks into door frames etc)

Are you a barbell or kettle bell lover?
Tough one but probably barbell.

And what is your all time FAVOURITE movement?
Probably deadlift or handstands

If you were told you had to do only one movement for 7mins straight.. for max reps.. what would you NOT like to see?
Burpees - hands down!

You are one of our awesome 09 couples, what is it like having Rob training with you here?
It's awesome. Before I started Rob didn't really talk about 09 much when he was at home other than "that was so hard" but having him there not only makes sure I get out of bed in the morning but also cheering me on when things are pretty challenging.

Is there a Reebok CrossFit 09 member who inspires you?
I'd have to say all of the Dawn demons. Everyone is so encouraging and it is pretty challenging to get up in the winter and get to class for 6am. Specifically Emily and Rob have been awesome, particularly when we were living together. It is great having Emily who will always say "one more?" And pushing me a bit further.

Greatest exercise related accomplishment to date?
I've been stoked with my recent front squats but my biggest accomplishment was riding the Rotorua - Taupo 100km flyer after only riding a road bike for 10 weeks.

Interesting fact about yourself that most people may not know?
I love to cook and bake when I get the time.


E. Rope Climbs

O. Handstand holds


1. 50m Sled Drag

2. 4 Sandbag TGU

3. 50m Farmers Walk

4. 15 Russian Swings

5. 30m Bear Crawl

Alt EM x 5


E. Rope Climbs

O. HS Walking



DB Bench Press

Strict Pull Up

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