Athlete Profile – Ernest Harris

EarnestIt's everyone's favourite day (besides Friday....), athlete profile day! And we're talking to Ernest this time....

What is your favourite food treat?

Original chocolate Tim Tam! No fancy flavours.

How long have you been a member at Reebok CrossFit 09?

Since May 2014

How did you end up walking through our doors for the first time? Was there a pivotal event that led you to us?

Well my friend of 4 years does CF, she goes on and on about it.. she is also super fit! So I looked up the closest one, came in put my name on the sign up sheet and here I am!

Can you remember your first CrossFit experience? What was it like and how did you feel? Excited? Nervous?

I was nervous because I hadn't done anything in terms of fitness before but the workout itself wasn't too intense, just a matter of learning the movements, you did a great job of easing me in.

Is there a piece of training equipment you can't live without?

The green band! For my worst enemy which is pull ups!

What are you doing when you aren't CrossFitting?

 Anything to do with kids, I have 3, a 15,13 and 5 year old.. or school, I am currently studying my bachelor of teaching in Primary, I prefer the year 7-8s, the younger ones can tend to be a little more out of control!

What has been one of the biggest things in your life that has changed since starting CrossFit?

 I feel more fitter, if I can say that. I still play rugby so I really noticed I could run around the paddock, I have way more air in my lungs and don't get out of breath as much as I used to, its awesome to not having to stand on the sideline resting. More energy!

Are you a barbell or kettle bell lover? 

I don't like either but if I had to choose I would go a barbell. Kettle bells are awkward!

And what is your all time FAVOURITE movement?

I can't do them myself but I like watching the Chest to Bars, I can't wait to be able to do one or two!

If you were told you had to do only one movement for 7mins straight.. for max reps.. what would you NOT like to see?

Something that I would LOVE to do for 7mins would be Burpees, I love burpees!... although I am wavering a little on that decision after that workout that we just did. My worst nightmare would have to be wall balls, we aren't friends.

What is your athletic background?

Not so much, just rugby, I have played club rugby in my teens, had a go a league in my 20s. This season will be my 9th season for Waitemata Rugby club in presidents league (over 35s).

Is there a Reebok CrossFit 09 member who inspires you?

I couldn't pick any one individual! Everyone that turns up for the Dawn Demons inspire me, DC and Craig with their work on the bars and all the girls keep me on my toes. They all inspire me!

Greatest exercise related accomplishment to date?

Would have to be my Rugby!

Interesting fact about yourself that most people may not know?

I have a collection, some would say they're toys.. but I would say they are models.. trucks. They HAVE to be a scale of 1/87.. no exceptions! If I win the lotto I am going to buy a truck, just to drive down to the shops!



HS Walking

Muscle Up transitions


Ring Dips/Pushups

Rope Climbs


1. 5-10 Box Jump Overs

2. 5-10 Shoot thrus

3. 5-10 Medball Situp Throws



Barbell Anti- Rotations

Strict TTB


Hip extensions

Suitcase Walks

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