Athlete Profile – Emma Gatman


Today we're having a chat to Emma Gatman, top CrossFit athlete, mum, fitness writer, personal trainer, and CrossFit Kids coach!

How long have you been a member at Reebok CrossFit 09?

Since July 1st 2013

How did you end up walking through our doors for the first time? Was there a pivotal event that led you to us?

My friend Mike Huffam recommended RCF09 to me. I'm so happy that he did :)

Can you remember your very first CrossFit experience? What was it like? Were you excited, nervous, scared?

My very first CrossFit workout was 4 years ago at CrossFit Birkenhead and I had absolutely no idea what it was. My friend and I slowly completed all the exercises written on the whiteboard while having a good ole' gossip, the way you would at a Globo gym. Then, everyone else started yelling 'Time!' and collapsing in a big sweaty heap. In that moment I realised exactly what CrossFit was!

Fave training shoes?

Loving my first pair of Nanos.

What are you doing when you aren't CrossFitting?  

Hanging out with my Hubby and 2 little girls, Jacinda and Lucy.

What has been one of the biggest things in your life that has changed since starting CrossFit?

It's hard to narrow it down to just one. So I won't. My perspective of health and fitness, the way I eat, the way I train and how I value community have all changed in a big way.

Do you have any pre-WOD rituals? If so, what are they?

Make sure there is chalk nearby haha:)

Describe your perfect workout?

I've always wanted to do a Swimming WOD.... so I'm going to say Ocean Swim, then somehow do heaps of Overhead Squats and Pull ups on a beach!

What is your favourite CrossFit exercise? any way shape or form.

What is your athletic background and can you fill us in on your new goals!?

I rowed throughout High School and my early twenties and even got to spend a couple of months training out of Rowing NZ at Lake Karapiro back in 2003, which was an incredible experience.

I've set myself a new challenge this year of competing at the NZ Rowing Championships next summer, and in better form than when I left the sport 6 years ago. I'm really looking forward to seeing how CrossFit can complement my Rowing.

Is there a Reebok CrossFit 09 member who inspires you?

The morning crew, for being so cheerful despite being really early, cold and dark outside.

Greatest CrossFit accomplishment to date?

My first muscle up. Literally had to work on that thing for years!

What would you like to have achieved at Reebok CrossFit 09 a year from now?

Improve my strict Pull ups, Handstand pushups and Muscle ups

Interesting fact about yourself that most people may not know?

I'm scared of dogs. Except Bax, he's my only Dog friend :)


Ring Pushup

3 x 12

Pendlay Row

3 x 12


Tabata Row, 6 x 20s on/10s off

Rest 3mins



Strict Ring Dip

3 x 8-12

Deadhang Pullups

3 x max reps


60 Thrusters 40/25kg

Complete 5 Burpees EM, starting at 1min.

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