Are you into resolutions?


Jono showing some #rcf09reallifefitness by getting his lumberjack on....

I hope you have all had an amazing few days off and are feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated for some great training this year.  Have you made the obligatory NY resolution yet?  We talked about goals in class yesterday - everyone had some pretty cool ones.

I’m of mixed opinion about them.  On the one hand, I hate that some people feel like they can’t commit to anything until the 1st of January, and that more often than not, by the 1st of February it’s a distant memory.  Willpower is a finite resource and it’s tough to stay the course of something you just spontaneously decided to do in a blurry drunken haze at 12:01am, while snogging someone you shouldn’t have been…..  (you can read some more about willpower in THIS old blog post).

On the other hand, there’s no denying that the start of a new year is always quite exciting, and a little mysterious, as you wonder what it holds in store for you.  So why not use that excitement as fuel to get started on a campaign to make yourself more awesome.  Set some challenging, yet achievable goals and get on to it.

Whatever you believe, I’m seriously stoked for the year ahead.

So how do you go about achieving your goals?

Simple.  Create an environment where you cant help but succeed.

  • Spend time with people who’ll hold you accountable, like at, oh I don’t know, Reebok CrossFit 09?!?!.  I join the classes whenever I can, and will try to work with someone who is better than me to spur me to greater effort.  We’ve got a wonderful group of athletes in our Competition team as well, who’s efforts always inspire me to work harder.  And training with Krista reminds me not to be negative, she’s always excited about training and just life in general…
  • I also try to train with other CrossFit coaches when I can.  There is a lot to be said for the power of a good bro session.
  • Set a goal/deadline.  It could be anything from a competition (The Open?) to a wedding or school reunion.  I’m keen on a crack at the CrossFit Masters this year, so that keeps me focused on the hard road ahead.
  • Work on your strengths.   Beating your head against the wall because you haven’t PR’d your clean in 6 months doesn’t do a lot for your enthusiasm to train.  Neither does constantly flaying the back of your legs as you vainly try to improve your double unders.  It’s ok to do the things you’re good at occasionally.  If you’re a bit of a handstand ninja, then maybe you should revel in that for a bit, and practice the heck out of it….  See what you can do with a skill you’re good at, see how far you can take it and enjoy the process of kicking butt again.

Next Monday, we’re kicking off a new phase of training.  It will include plenty of the strength circuits many of you love, specific skill work for The Open, and our Thursday M3 classes will continue also.    So this week we're just getting back in to the swing of things, plenty of skill work, short, simple metcons, and plenty of fun.....

And BTW, it's Girl Friday this week, and we've got Elizabeth (my nemesis!) on the schedule!



Front Squats

4 x 8, building

Single Arm DB Row

4 x 8 e/arm


6 DB Power Cleans

12 DB Front Squats

24 Single Skips

AMRAP in 7mins


Sled Drags

3 x 100m



Front Squat

5 x 3, all heavy


500m Row, then;

20 Box Jump Overs

15 Front Squats 60/40kg

10 Strict Pull Ups

Rest 2 minutes

3 rounds

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