Our Philosophy

What makes Reebok CrossFit 09 exceptional?

All our classes are conducted in a small group environment under the watchful eye of an experienced coach. That's right, you have a coach for the entire session and an exceptional one at that.

During the classes your coach will teach you about virtuosity of movement, they will teach you how to move, as well as the why behind each concept.

"Why must my heels be glued to the ground during a kettlebell swing?
...Because this is the most effective way to activate your posterior chain (your butt, glutes and backs of your legs, hamstrings, calves).

Having a strong posterior chain will save you from back pain, knee pain and fill out your jeans. It will help you squat more, jump higher, feel and BE stronger. Amazing posterior chains are AWESOME.

Our coaches are not cheerleaders or rep counters, they are there to perfect and correct your movement, to encourage you to try new things, to keep you safe and to make sure the hour you spend with us, is the best hour of your day.

We have an exceptional facility with the best barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, slamballs, deadballs, rings, yokes, axle bars, skipping ropes, sleds... we like our toys and you will find a favourite too!

What is CrossFit exactly?


But what does that mean?image014
Constantly varied

One of the number one reasons people seek us out is because they are bored out of their minds at their regular gyms.

At Reebok CrossFit 09, your workouts are different every day! This means more motivation and enthusiasm for training, as well as always challenging your body in new ways, for optimal results.

Functional movements

Everything we do in CrossFit is natural; movements that you will find in everyday life - squat, lift, push, pull, carry, drag, throw, jump, sprint.   We work movements not muscles, we don't isolate your biceps or triceps, we do pullups, or press a barbell over our heads.  This means you are working every muscle in your body at every opportunity and it highlights how important building a bullet proof core really is.

High intensity

We won't lie to you, you have to work hard here.  But we only take you to the intensity that YOUR fitness level will allow and we NEVER compromise on form.  Exceptional movement is what we stand for, it is what will keep you safe and is the fastest way to achieving your goals.
Everyone is at a different level when they walk through our doors and that is the beauty of working out in a group environment, everyone is working as hard as they can but it is personalised to you.

What we do inside these walls is a training system that prepares you for whatever life can throw at you. Workouts are short & intense, and incorporate elements of gymnastics, kettlebells, Olympic weightlifting, rowing, and running.

image013The best thing about CrossFit is that anyone can do it, ANYONE!!!

And before you say "I need to get fitter first"... why would you come to us if you were already fit?
One of our clients was 72 years old and hadn't done anything for 40 years.. your "I need to get fit first' excuse is not valid.

Reebok CrossFit 09 is the easiest gym to access in Auckland, we are 700m from the St Lukes off ramp on the Western Motorway, an 8min walk from Baldwin Ave Train Station, minutes from the new city cycle path and we have plenty of free parking.