Tuesday 18 February

Grin or grimace?!

Grin or grimace?!

I LOVE it when we get the chance to present a blog post from a source other than myself or our coaches.  Whether it's from a guest coach, or a local expert.  But even cooler is when one of our members feels compelled to put pen to paper, and share their thoughts with all of us. So a big thanks to Blair (Yakuza) Smith from CFNZ for todays post. The Open….. it can seem a little intimidating from the outside if you haven’t done it before, but believe me it is nothing of the sort. I am an average CrossFitter, can’t do a lot of movements, can only do the RX WOD every so often, never finish first or lift the heaviest weight….. and I am old. (it is true..) so I am writing this from the point of view of an average member of the gym that has done the Open the last 2 years. "I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of the whole gym” I have been a member of this gym for 2.5 years and I have NEVER heard of or seen ANYONE laugh at anyone else’s effort in a WOD, because that is not how our community rolls….. it is nothing but encouragement…. So you have done all you can and hit a weight that you just can’t lift? Thats cool…… there will be 1000’s of people around the world in the same situation, you are not the only one. Think about this - how much harder do you try when the coach calls out your name and that you are doing a great job? I know I try harder, stop resting and get back into it refocused and determined not to disappoint, it is a natural reaction to encouragement…. now imagine this: How hard would you try if the WHOLE GYM is yelling encouragement at you, willing you to keep going, feeling your pain and believing that you can do another rep? Well that is the Open….. it is almost like a celebration of everyones achievements where you get to show everyone at the gym how far you have come since you started CrossFit. "I am scared of what could be programmed for the workouts" Fair enough! Yes there may be somethings in the WOD’s you cannot do but the heavier weights or high end gymnastic movements will more likely be towards the end of the WOD so you will be able to do some of it….. But don’t think that this will be the case for EVERY week!! It will not! There will be workouts that you can do in its entirety. The first Open Workout I did was 7 minutes of burpees….. so everyone could do that, just some did more than others but all were exhausted at the end….. gee that sounds like a normal WOD doesn’t it?? “I have heard that scores will count to qualify the team for Regionals, I don’t want to mess up their chances with my score….” Don’t worry about that AT ALL. Not to get hugely technical about the scoring…. but its only the top scores from people who are going to be in the team whose scores are counted. Comp Team have got that covered….. so be cool like ice and don’t stress. “I don’t want to compete with the rest of the world!!” You don’t have too!! Maybe just compete with a few people at the gym that you train with normally….. I am competing against someone I know from another gym who I met at a competition…. Why? Because we are very even and it is a good contest. Will it destroy me if I “lose”? Not at all. We are just going to push each other that’s all, geez that sounds a little like a normal WOD doesn’t it?? “I am not fit enough for a thing like this….” If you can do our main class, you are fit enough to participate in it. End of story. For those of you that have done the CFNZ birthday comp last year or done the Spring Clean team challenges the Open is a very similar atmosphere. And lastly, there is one great thing about the Open that I personally like, you get to see the top athletes in our gym REALLY lay it on the line and go 110% effort, you don’t get to see that to often…… But in saying that, seeing someone do a movement that they thought they could not do before and seeing the exhilaration one pride on their face, NOTHING beats those moments, Nothing at all. So I really really really encourage you to leave all your apprehensions behind and take the plunge and register for the Open…… CrossFit is about being prepared for the unexpected, so come join the Open and test yourself, against others or just against yourself, and see where you stand…. the result could be the thing that was “unexpected”. POWER


- work up to a heavy 1.1.1

- 10s reset between reps


20 Power Snatch 40/30kg

400m run

15 Power Snatch


400m run

10Power Snatch


400m run

5 Power Snatch


400m run S+C

Hang Power Snatch

5 x 3


10 DB Snatch

400m run

AMRAP in 12mins

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