3 Good Reasons To Put Weight Over Your Head

amanda_squatFriday we had moderately heavy weights getting snatched and cleaned over en mass during the benchmark workouts Grace and Isabel. Today we were snatching, cleaning and jerking for max load during our first day of PR Week.
Some of the highlights for me:

- So many people in class on Friday, with vastly different fitness levels, moving a ton of weight fast as heck, but quite safely, with loads sensibly chosen to challenge but not overwhelm.

- Multiple sub 3min Graces and Isabels (with a few in the sub 2min range)

- The Competitive Exercisers taking on Isabrace (both workouts in succession)

- And then today, watching people miss a lift, take a step back, have a think, perhaps chat with the coach, and then I see the switch flick behind their eyes. They KNOW they can get that lift, they WANT that lift.

And then they step up to the bar and GET that lift.

PR's were raining down all over the place. Truly awesome to watch.

It's so good to see some of our newer members (especially those who have never strength trained before, let alone Olympic lifted) starting to understand the lure of the barbell, and why it is such a worthy pursuit.

Here's just a few quick reasons why weight lifting is so important.

1. Strength, in general, is the most underdeveloped part of fitness. But it's one of the most rewarding. Rewarding in the sense that you are able to move better, perform all the tasks of daily living easier, and the trickle down effects to other fitness qualities such as stamina, agility, speed and even endurance, make it the most 'bang for your buck' element to work on. And Power (which is a direct measure of your fitness) cannot be developed with out strength first.

2. Strength training is more beneficial for body composition, than nutrition, circuits, interval training, and certainly far more than long, slow cardio ever will be. Building muscle boosts your metabolism, burns more fat both at rest and during exercise, and takes up less space than bodyfat, meaning you are more 'toned' if you prefer that completely meaningless term :) but really it means you are actually as fit as you look.

3. It's fun! Sure it's very common to be a little intimidated by heavy weight at first, but of course, you'll start out slow with more emphasis on form. But at some point, you'll be ready, and the coach will see that, and they'll convince you to try the weight you never imagined you'd see stacked onto your barbell.

And if you take a deep breath, set yourself well, remember what you've learned (but still keeping it in the back of your mind, so you don't overthink it and try to do everything perfect, but all at once, because jeez this weight is heavy, what the heck are you thinking trying to lift this weight, you're gonna drop it, no you're not even going to get it off the ground, what the heck was with the coach telling you to lift this..... ahhh crap....); get psyched, and lift that thing, you might find yourself standing tall, with the barbell above your head, and the rest of the class cheering for you.

Then you get to do number 4. Arguably the reason why many people learn how to put such heavy weights over their heads in the first place. So they can drop that sucker........ :)

PR WEEK - Day 2

Catch up on Monday, or, get Wednesday testing done in advance.

TGU – RM testing.

L-sit => Lever progressions

Back Squat – RM testing

Metcon – choose a relevant benchmark

Beginner - Baseline

Intermediate - Helen or Annie, Jackie or Grace

Advanced - Fran or Diane

Firebreather - Elizabeth or Isabel

Mutant - Amanda

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