Monday 20 January

Queenstown, a 'Remarkable' place to hold the CrossFit Tour..... :)

Queenstown, a 'Remarkable' place to hold the CrossFit Tour..... :)

Fitness competitions these days are getting tougher, longer and dare I say........potentially more dangerous.

At the same time more and more people than ever are getting involved!  This is great, but also worrying from our perspective as coaches who want you to be fit and healthy.  Competitions often don't help you achieve those goals.

As someone who has competed heavily in CrossFit, it might seem weird that I would try to talk many of you out of comps.

BUT, they are a huge part of our culture and community.  So I figure that the best way to ensure you get the best experience out of any comps entered is this.

- you must notify a coach if you enter in any event.  This includes non CrossFit events.  For those of you who run, cycle, swim, row, canoe polo, what ever, why waste the chance to get some advice??  We are here to help!!

- we'll organise regular skill sessions going forward, including dedicated prep, practice and taper for events we know people are entered in.

Don't forget our Open Info Session coming up this Sunday 11am.  Double unders, OH Squats, muscle ups, C2B, pistols, rebound box jumps - all skills you will need if you want to be able to complete the Open workouts in March/April.  As well, we'll talk about how to practice all this without burning out or getting injured, strategy, and Q+A.


Back Squat

5 x 3


3 Minutes of Pullups

2 Minutes of Front Squat 60/40kg

1 Minute of Push Jerk 60/40kg


Front Squat

5 x 5


3 Minutes KB Swings

2 mins Manmakers

1min Slamballs

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