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What’s with fear of failure..?


Failure is inevitable.

That might sound like the negative rhetoric from some world weary old soul, who hasn't had a lot go right in their life.

But we're not talking negative vs positive here.

Instead, it's a fact that striving for constant improvement in physical performance, means failure is a matter of when not if.  It's going to happen at some point, and happen often.

Some of the things we do here involve some rational fear of failure - rope climbs, box jumps, handstands.  With these movements come a possibility of pain if performed incorrectly.    But with an increase in practice and skill, that fear ceases to be a concern.

Then there's the irrational fear of failure.

Worrying that you'll look silly trying that handstand for the first time since primary school.   Thinking the entire class might turn around and look when you drop that barbell from overhead (yes I know it's not common in most gyms, but neither are results.... :)    What if you try to lift a heavy weight or attempt a new movement and you can't do it?  So embarrassing!!

Only it's not.  No one here cares, because they've failed plenty of times before you.  And they'll continue to fail plenty of times after that.

Our skill practice is designed to find gaps in your fitness.  You'll never be able to do everything right, and if you even come close, we'll just think up something harder... but don't let that scare you.

Embrace the fear, accept that you're going to fail, and fail forward into incredible progress.


Now, it's normally our Benchmark Girl on the first Friday of the month, but our programming and looming retesting means it is better suited to next week, so stay tuned for Elizabeth in 7 days.

Like the idea of a sneaky getaway before the mad rush of December?  We'll shortly be making space available for the AMRAP 5 adventure trip to Wanaka.  Mountain biking, wake boarding, glacier hiking, a little CrossFitting of course, great food, great company.  Hard to beat.




Friday Factoid

Name a celebrity you’ve met


10 Zercher Good Mornings

10 Zercher Squats

2 sets

10 Ground To OH

10 RaceCar Squats

2 sets

10 Kayak + Hollow

10 OH Squats or OH Walking Lunges

2 sets

20 HS Shoulder Taps

10 Shoulder Extensions w/plate

2 sets

Reverse Lunge
3 x 16, alternating
Alternate with 30m Suitcase Walk for max load e/arm

20 cal Row
20 Slamballs
20 Situps
20 DB Snatch
AMRAP in 15mins

Back Squat
Heavy 5, then a heavy 10
**non stop reps

Alternate with 30m Suitcase Walk for max load e/arm

5 Hang Power Snatches 50/35kg
5 Burpee CTB
AMRAP in 5mins
Rest 5mins
5 OH Squats
AMRAP in 5mins


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