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Regularly learn and play new sports…


The final sentence in Greg Glassmans classic "Fitness in 100 Words", it is so often the part that is ignored.

Listening to a recent podcast with CrossFit coach and mobiity guru, Kelly Starrett, he mentioned observing elite CrossFit athletes during free time.. they would always be up for playing some sort of physical game, whether they knew how to play or not, they would usually be pretty darn good at it.  But they were always up for a new challenge.

Emily Clark just did a marathon down south, Carol Morrison completed the Dual on Rangitoto, Casey Potatou is currently training for an adventure race, and Andrew Martin has just put his name down for the entire Xterra Trail Run series starting next month.    Adam Day, Nick Jones, Andrew Pearson and myself have committed to doing the Rangitoto - St Heliers swim next year as well.

So....... what are you going to play this year?  It doesn't have to be a sport per se, just something that moves your body.  Something that challenges you a little bit, something you're not used to.

You're in luck tomorrow, because we have a special guest coach in to take us through something new.  I'm pretty nervous, I'll be honest, but I always tell people that they need to feel comfortable getting uncomfortable in the gym, be willing to fail, to maybe look a little silly.  No one cares, we're all here trying to be better together.

So wear some comfy shoes, and bring an open mind tomorrow, when we get our Zumba on!

Barbell etiquette

It's high time we did another article on weight training etiquette.  We are not a gym that has a whole lot of restrictions, our Gym Rules read more like a treatise on living an awesome life, than a list of things you aren't allowed to do.  But at the same time, we do need to have…
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Monday – short week

Coming up this week…. We’re on a bit of a deload this week.  Lower volume, lower intensity for the most part, plenty of unilateral movement, with a dash of midline and posterior chain accessory work.  Back into it next week, then some baseline testing in anticipation of the Autumn Arsekicking. Tuesday morning is your absolute…
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Friday 27 March

The final Open workout is announced at 1pm today.  As per usual, we'll have all options available - Rx, scaled, and an alternative workout in case 15.5 is not anyones idea of a fun Saturday morning... :) We'll have a spot of brunch on offer through the morning, thanks to our stalwart supporters Pure Delish,…
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Thursday 26 March

M3 DRILLS Tabata Inchworm hold/Arch 8 x 20s hold, 10s rest, alternate between. Run 200m Tabata Chin over bar/Ring Support (top) 8 x 20s hold, 10s rest, alternate between SKILLS, EM alternating x 12mins HS Walk Rope Climbs Shoot thrus Skin the cats CONDITIONING At 0mins: Run 1 Mile (at about 85% pace) At 10mins:…
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