Monthly Archives: August 2013

Saturday 31 August



Gear Friendly FGB

Wallball 9/6kg

SDHP 32/24kg

Box Jump 60/50cm

DB Pushpress 15/10kg



1 minute at each station, 3 rounds


Friday 30 August

Who did the recovery workout yesterday? Anyone?  They're a great way to keep moving, to spend time at your favourite-ist place outside of Disneyland, and to avoid moving from the optimal realm of health and fitness into overtraining and injury. If you don't come to the gym, be sure to get out and walk the…
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Thursday 29 August

Now, on Monday I talked about gluten free and how the term can be abused by food manufacturers in an attempt to convince you their products are healthy. But there are plenty of good choices out there, and right now, thanks to the wave of popularity of CrossFit and associated Paleo and Primal style diets,…
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Wednesday 28 August

This is why we are always bear crawling. .... By the way, check out CFNZ alumni Mike McMillan's new venture MovNat Auckland. POWER Weighted Pullups 5 x 2-3 reps Then, 20cal row 20 pullups 20 pushups Rest 2mins 3 rounds STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING Deadhang Pullups sets of 3-5 reps Then, 7 DB Thrusters 10 Renegade…
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Tuesday 27 August

[caption id="attachment_2118" align="alignnone" width="614"] Just because you've finished your workout, doesn't mean you've finished.#supportthelastonestanding[/caption] GLUTEN FREE IS THE NEW ORGANIC..... What do I mean by that? Well, let's start by talking about organic.  When people hear the term organic food, they think things like fresh, healthy, natural, environmentally friendly etc.  But the actual definition is…
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Monday 26 August

A great weekend of competition down at The Wellington Cup for Krista, Darren and Daniel, competing with Team CFNZ. A fantastically run event, challenging but fun workouts, a few famous CrossFit athletes, old friends, new friends, gorgeous weather, and great food. The results were; Jaime Goodwin 6th Krista Sandford-Hill 11th Darren Ellis 5th Daniel Rankin…
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Saturday 24 August

[caption id="attachment_2109" align="alignnone" width="614"] Can count on Kate not to miss a tough Saturday session![/caption] "It will be a battle of epic proportions and the Aussie teams have all to play for after a sorry few months of sporting disappointments – national pride is on the line for both the Kiwi and Aussie sides this…
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Friday 23 August

Beautiful sunny late winter's day yesterday!  Who got outside in it and forgot about their troubles for at least an hour? Have you heard of forest bathing?  It's when you go hang out under a tree, or better yet a whole bunch of trees, and let them insulate you from the cities noise, get some…
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Thursday 22 August

Congrats to Blair Smith, for guessing all questions correct in our Mystery Coach Quiz! He scored himself one of new hoodies.  Anna Alder also guessed all correctly, but Blair pipped her with his lightening fast response time. Anna wins a CFNZ tshirt.  Thanks for playing guys! Answers below... Who was shot at in the Solomon…
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Wednesday 21 August

Great to see some old faces, new faces, and faces that have been on holiday in the gym lately!! WHEN SHOULD I STRETCH? First let's talk about the different kinds of stretching.  Because there is a time and a place for all of them. 1. Static Stretching.  This is what most people think of when…
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