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0508 CRSSFT(277738)


19 Thomas Peacock Place, St Johns

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There are a number of parks right outside the gym, but often you may need to park on the road. We have a lot of neighbours so please be considerate and don't park in their allocated parking spaces. Thanks.

4-Week Intro

After your free trial, you will either love us or hate us..... If it's the former, we have a number of ways for you to become a part of our community. Group Fundamentals Intro Program: $250 1. Enroll in our Intro Program ($250, or $200 if you sign up with a friend) – starting with…
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Free Trial

A CrossFit workout may be the hardest thing you will ever do in your life. That doesn't mean we are only looking for elite athletes. Many athletes cruise along on their genetic gifts and wouldn't know hard work if it bit them on the arse. We welcome people who are willing to put in the…
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Schedule & Prices

Memberships are provided on a monthly basis, with an auto renew payment that you control.  If you are getting the results you want, just let the payment roll over each month.  If you're not satisfied with what we do, or your situation changes you can quit at anytime. Fees are determined by how often you…
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About CrossfitNZ

CrossFit is 'real world' fitness.  Our workouts are short, but hard. We get results though; and fast.  We'll teach you about nutrition too, how simple and enjoyable real food can be. And it's fun, because you get to train with a supportive group of like minded people. Not your average gym In fact, we're not…
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