Monday and the week ahead…

A great weekend just gone –  the usual Saturday morning awesomeness, fuelled by Pure Delish, and some fun at the beach on Sunday to cap it off….

Short week rolling into the Xmas break, don’t forget to check the schedule..           it’s over here in the right hand column, look…   ==>>

Final 3 Days of Fitness too.

Today is our annual CFNZ vs RCF09 virtual comp!!

There are two ways you can score points for your gym – turning up and writing up a score.  We’re competing on average attendance and average score, so no matter your ability, you can contribute.

Tuesday we’re going to dose you up with Good Green Stuff ahead of what is likely to be a festive next few days.

And Wednesday is the one you’ve been waiting for – The 12 Days of Fitness workout.  Just like the song, only with exercises instead of weird gifts that no one would actually give to their true love unless they were wrong in the head…..


Front Squat 5RM



Russian Swing

Medball Situps


One minute at each station

3 rounds for total reps


Front Squat 5RM



Thruster 40/25kg

KB Swing 24/16kg


One minute at each station

3 rounds for total reps


Saturday 20 December

8am class as per usual team, and Kaz and her team at Pure Delish have hooked us up with some tasty post workout goodness. #eightdayoffitness FITNESS 4 Front Squat 4 Burpee Box Jump Overs 50m Run AMRAP in 4mins REST 4mins 6 DB Snatch 6 OH Walking Lunge 12 Lateral Jumps AMRAP in 6mins RESTContinue Reading

Don’t just do something….stand there!

Wait, is that right?  Don’t just stand there, do SOMETHING! That sounds better….. Too busy, too tired, cant get to the gym, stuck at work, work party, family gathering, kids to organise, got a long travel schedule, whatever, there are a million reasons why you cant get a workout in leading up to, and duringContinue Reading

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