Compete right..

Krista holding the standard...

Krista holding the standard…

Fitness competitions these days are becoming more plentiful.

I remember looking longingly at the roster of events scheduled in Australia a few years ago, where athletes could take their pick of comps, on an almost weekly basis.

But it’s starting to pick up here too now, which is a great thing obviously for those who love the sport of fitness.  More and more people than ever are getting involved!  This is great, but also worrying from our perspective as coaches who want you to be fit and healthy.  Competitions often don’t help you achieve those goals.

As someone who has competed heavily in CrossFit, it might seem weird that I might try to talk many of you out of comps.  But I just want them to occur at the right time in your training.

BUT, they are a huge part of our culture and community.  So I figure that the best way to ensure you get the best experience out of any comps entered is this.

– you must notify a coach if you enter in any event.  This includes non CrossFit events.  For those of you who run, cycle, swim, row, canoe polo, what ever, why waste the chance to get some advice??  We are here to help!!  But we need to know who is doing what and when.

We can then organise regular skill sessions going forward, including dedicated prep, individual practice and tapering for events we know people are entered in.

As events become more plentiful, you are also faced with choosing which ones to enter.  Competition is a method of testing your fitness, it’s not training.  So you should only test a few times a year.  Now that we are more spoiled for choice, planning the year is essential (it also is important to secure an entry in events that sell out overnight!).  I usually only do 2 serious events, and 2 fun ones in a year, the rest of the time, training is enough for me.  If you prefer more of the fun events, you can probably do a lot more.

 Double unders, OH Squats, muscle ups, CTB pullups, pistols,  box jumps – all skills you may need if you want to be able to compete in the Open workouts in Feb/March.  Of course, doing them for fun and completion is a different story, but we want you to be able to practice all the extra stuff without burning out or getting injured.

If you compete, then compete right.  Get your ducks in a row, whether that is movement technique (talk to a coach, and of course, practice, practice, practice), consistent training (find a workout buddy to hold you accountable), research the event you plan on attending (talk to coaches and other athletes, go online and look at info and workouts from previous years), and make sure you are in the best place to have the best time.




5 x 6

Rack Walks

5 x 50m


800m Run

30 Russian Swings

800m Run



9-7-5-3, all heavy


800m Run

30 Deadlifts @ BW

800m Run

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